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The SMS Modules allow you to both send and receive messages through Cast-Control. It is possible to configure SMS events alongside the standard email event templates. The Modules can also be used to control purchased services by starting, stopping, restarting shoutcast & AutoDJ services or updating passwords, scheduling playlists ect.

SMS Configuration

There are currently four options with the SMS configuration which are explained here.


Select your preferred gateway, it is best to select a gateway that deals closest with your country as not all gateways will provide premium international access. For example, txtlocal.co.uk have a premium link with mobile connections in the UK while only a standard link for most international locations. This means that numbers that have been either created or changed in the last 6-12 months might not be available.

Use Secure Socket: 

This functionality creates a secure socket to your provider, most providers will support this functionality and this is recommended.

Service Control:

Allow customers to send commands to the number to control their shoutcast & autodj services. The notification URL should be set to http://yourdomain.com/panel/castcontrol/receivesms.php. See the configuration documentation specific to your gateway for more information.


Send a confirmation to authorised numbers that send a command to the sms service control.Please note that if your gateway charges per message, this will incur the standard fee PER MESSAGE.

Supported Gateways

UK - www.txtlocal.co.uk

Usage Documentation

Refer to Quick Start Usage guide on our website at www.cast-control.net