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    1. Introduction
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      5. Streaming Servers
        1. Nginx-Rtmp Video Server
        2. Flussonic Media Server
        3. Wowza Streaming Engine
      6. SSL Certificates
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      1. WHMCS Integration Guide
    4. Migrate from other software
      1. Migrate from Centovacast
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      2. Backup MediaCP
      3. Transfer to another server
    6. Administration
      1. Custom Web Service Configurations
      2. Reset Admin Password
      3. MediaCP System Commands
      4. Change MediaCP domain name
      5. Move media to another hard disk
      6. FTP Troubleshooting
    7. Scaling
      1. Scale with Wowza and CloudFront CDN
      2. Nginx-Rtmp with CloudFront CDN
    8. Troubleshooting
      1. Troubleshooting Wowza Streaming Engine
      2. MySQL Database Troubleshooting
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    3. Shoutcast 2 Admin Guide
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    1. Shoutcast 2 Live Broadcasting
    2. DJ Priorities
    3. HTML5 Audio Player
    4. Broadcasting with AutoDJ
    5. Shoutcast 2 Premium
    6. Mount Points
    1. Ondemand Video Streaming
    2. Getting started with video streaming
    3. Relay & IP Camera
Managing your media files

Last updated 1 year ago

In this section you will learn how to prepare and upload video files to the Media Control Panel.

Preparing your media files
Before uploading your video files, it is highly recommended to transcode them to ensure a consistent transition between video files

For most users, it is important to ensure the encoded videos are capped to a maximum bitrate.

We recommend transcoding all files with video transcoder before you upload your files.

Step 1 - Select your Media Files

Step 1

Open HandBrake and select your media files

Step 2 - Set Default Path and .mp4 file extension

Step 2

Select Tools -> Preferences and set:

MP4 File Extension: Always use MP4

Also set your Default output path

Step 3 - Select Preset

Step 3

We recommend a Preset of either:
Vimeo Youtube 720p
Video Youtube HQ 1080p

Step 4 - Set Avg Bitrate

Step 4

Setting a bitrate is important to ensure your TV Station does not exceed the bitrate limit.

It is normal for the encoding bitrate to fluctuate about 10% so make sure to set the Avg Bitrate lower than your limit.

Step 5 - Set Output

Step 5

Press Browse and then set the path where you want your transcoded files to be saved.

Step 6 - Add to Queue & Encode

Step 6

Select Add to Queue -> Add All

Press Start Encode

Uploading your media files
Once your video files have finished encoding you can upload them to the File Manager
Navigate to the File Manager

Drag and drop the media files from your PC to the Media File Manager

Upcoming: Understanding Playlists

Learn how to manage your TV Stations playlists.

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