Known Issues

Known Issues

Shoutcast 2.6 Issues

Shoutcast 2.6 contains two known bugs relating to HTTPS:

  • HTTPS streaming is only supported with a Premium license, despite what the website says.
  • When HTTPS is enabled, the admin URL is not accessible via HTTPS; this is a bug with the shoutcast software.

Flash based media players do not work in Chrome/FireFox

Modern browsers are disabling support for Adobe Flash based products due to security issues.

Current resolution is to update to the latest version of the MediaCP as it provides HTML5 compatible players.

Wowza Hotlink Denial not working with HTTP streams

Wowza Hotlink Denial module works by blocking access from a web browser for RTMP streams only. Streams are now HTML5 based and the module is no longer compatible. The replacement module is called ModuleRefererValidate and will be supported in a future version of the MediaCP.

MediaCP 2.2.2 introduced a replacement module (RefererValidate) for HLS streams.