Audio – Streaming to AutoDJ (LiquidSoap)

Audio – Streaming to AutoDJ (LiquidSoap)

LiquidSoap is a replacement for the Shoutcast Transcoder (sc_trans v1 and sc_trans v2) AutoDJ supporting all common media formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC etc. This will become our default AutoDJ utility.

How to stream to liquidsoap

We have put togethor instructions on how to stream to liquidsoap using a variety of encoders below.

SAM Broadcaster

SAM Broadcaster is a commercial software that you can purchase from the SAM Broadcaster website.
Coming soon

Altacast (Previously Edcast)

Free broadcasting tool available from the altacast website.

Instructions - How to Stream to AutoDJ using Altacast

  1. Open Winamp and enable the AltaCast DSP plugin (CTRL+P to open preferences)

  2. Click Add Encoder then double click the new encoder that appears
  3. Configure the encoder:
    • Encoder Type: Recommend MP3 or AAC
    • Encoder Password: Paste the password from the MediaCP by itself, do not include the username.
    • Server Type: Please select Icecast2 regardless of your server type
    • Server Port: Please specify the AutoDJ port, not the server port
    • Mountpoint: For Shoutcast use a single slash ‘/’ however for Icecast use the specified mountpoint in the MediaCP.
  4. Press connect to stream to the

BUTT Encoder

Streaming with Winamp DSP Plugin

The Winamp DSP is not currently working with the current setup of LiquidSoap.