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Relay & IP Camera

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Create and manage video stream and ip camera relays

Relay service types are capable of rebroadcasting from another RTMP, RTSP or HLS source. Rebroadcasting allows you to push out a stream with higher bandwidth availability as well as use many of the MediaCP functions such as transcoding, stream publishing (facebook, youtube, etc), reporting and much more.

✅ Nginx-Rtmp ✅ Wowza Streaming Engine ✅ Flussonic

Please note: Wowza Streaming Engine can only relay RTMP or RTSP addresses. It is not currently possible to relay a HLS/m3u8 playlist using Wowza Streaming Engine and the MediaCP.

Service Overview


Your Service Overview is designed to provide you with relevant information about your streaming service and help you to broadcast within minutes.


Live Viewers & Bitrate

Current viewer connections and encoder bitrate information is updated live on your Service Overview.

There is no need to refresh the page to update information.

Configure Relay URL


HTML5 Video Player


Enable your favourite Video Player with copy and paste embed code for your website.

Learn how to embed the player
on your website >

GeoIP Country Locking

GeoIP Country Blocking 

Statistics & Reporting

Video Features


Jitterry, noisy or unstable stream

IP Camera stream relay functions simply copy the original stream and output it through the video media server.If the stream is having difficutly playing then it is due to the original format of the stream.

You can often solve this by enabling the transcoder on the stream, since it should sanatize and output it in a compatible format.

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