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    Start an audio streaming business

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    This article covers the technical requirements of setting up your audio streaming platform to run your business. To operate the MediaCP you will require three primary components including a Domain Name, a Server or VPS and the MediaCP license itself.

    Domain Name

    A domain name points a name such as "" to your MediaCP software, and is required in order to provide secure access.

    Server / VPS

    A Server or VPS provides a platform to install the MediaCP software on. A VPS offers a great starting point for your platform.

    MediaCP License

    A MediaCP license is required for each server or vps that you install the product on.

    Purchase your domain name

    The first step is to purchase a domain name. If you already have a domain name, then you can skip this step.

    You can purchase a relatively cheap domain name from This is our recommended go-to for domain purchases because they are cheap, provide decent enough support and comes packed with features.

    Determine the MediaCP address

    Now we must determine which address to use for the MediaCP software. Since the top-level domain name is typically used to point to your own website, we recommend using a sub-domain. 

    In this tutorial we’ll be using (not a real address). Some other suggestions are,, It is entirely up to you.

    Purchase and setup a new VPS

    A VPS is a great way to get started quickly and affordably, we recommend Vultr since they offer a great stable platform in almost every region of the world. The benefit of most VPS services is that as you grow and gain more customers, you can gradually upgrade to a more VPS with one-click from Vultr.

    Which VPS do i choose?

    Vultr offers a number of options and we recommend starting with a Cloud Compute instance since it is a good all-rounder and slightly cheaper to increase memory when you start adding more clients.

    The System Requirements state that you will need at least 2 GB of memory so the 1 vCPU / 2 GB Memory option is a great start and will be enough for a small amount of audio services with AutoDJ.

    1. Navigate to the Vultr website using this link and you will recieve a $100 credit at Vultr.
    2. Scroll down until you see the $10 instance as shown above and click “Deploy Now”
    3. You will first need to sign up if you don’t already have an account
    4.  Now select the Cloud Compute option and the location where you want to deploy your service as shown in the image below.

    5. Scroll down and select Debian 11 as the operating system
    6.  Select the instance size of your preference
    7. Finally scroll the rest of the way to the bottom of the page and enter your MediaCP address/domain that we determined in the section above. In this example we use then you can press the Deploy button
    8. The VPS may take a few minutes before it is ready. Once ready copy the IP address provided to somewhere safe, we’ll be using this to point our domain name to the server.

    Connect your domain

    Now that the VPS is ready and your domain name is registered, we can connect the domain to the newly provisioned VPS. Select your provider below for instructions on how to do this.

    Install MediaCP

    The MediaCP Support team provide a free installation service for all new trials, and also paid licenses. This is the best way to get started and ensure everything is running optimally. Alternatively, if you would like to install the product yourself it is also fairly straight forward and we have provided instructions below.

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