MediaCP Manual
Submit a feature request

Last updated 10 meses ago

Is there a feature you would like added to the panel? Let us know! This guide will show you how you can quickly and easily make your voice heard! 

Submitting a feature request is quick and easy. Once you have submitted a request our other customers can see your request and vote for it. Requests with the most votes are selected for development with priority.

How to submit your request

1. Login to your client area.

2. Click on the feature request tab.

3. Check if another user has submitted a similar request. Another user may have already made the same request. If the request already exists you can vote up to help get this request selected. (More information on this in the voting section below).

4. If your request does not exist. Click the “Add new request button”.

5. Select a title for your request as well as the category your request falls under, then provide a description of what you would like the feature to do. Please note selecting the correct category is important so other users can search for your request. 

6. Complete the request by pressing the big “Add new request button”.

Voting on feature requests

It is a good idea to check which feature requests other users have submitted before posting your own. This section will cover how to search and vote for existing requests.

1. Login to your client area.

2. Click on the feature request tab.

3. The feature requests page will display all recently submitted requests. You can filter the main page by; Recently updated, Newly Added and Most Popular.

4. You can also search for specific requests by using the categories column on the left hand side.

5. For this example we will be looking for the feature “TV Station support for NGINX-RTMP”

6. Click on the TV Station category.