MediaCP Manual
Mount Points

Last updated 12 mesi fa

Mount points allow the creation of multiple broadcasts within a single streaming instance. By default services in the Media Control Panel will have a mountpoint named “/stream”. Additional mount points can be created to allow for additional broadcasts or fallbacks. 

  • The following service types support multiple mount points; Shoutcast 2.5, Shoutcast 2.6, Icecast 2, Icecast KH

Multiple Mount Points

The primary usage of this feature is to broadcast at different audio qualities depending on listener requirements. It also allows you to stream different formats (aac and mp3) to maximize device support.

Imagine streaming a high quality (128Kbps AAC), medium quality (96Kbps AAC), low quality (48Kbps) as well as an MP3 48Kbps all from a single service.

Configuring Multiple Mount Points with AutoDJ

Each audio media service includes a default mount point, configured with an AutoDJ service (if AutoDJ is enabled). The customer can configure mount points for their service, as well as add or remove mount points (where limits permit).

The number of mount points can be configured from the limits tab in the service overview. By default this will be set to 1, only an admin level account can update this setting.


If the service permits more than one mount point, a button to create additional mount points will become present on screen.

Clicking the ‘create mount point’ button will display the form below. Here you can set the mount point name, configure a fallback and enable autodj for the mountpoint. You will need to hit the ‘save’ button and then restart your shoutcast/icecast service to apply the changes.

Once the mount point has been saved it will appear in the list of available mount points.