MediaCP 2.6.4 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.6.4 is a security and maintenance release that updates PHP to 7.3.11, addresses a large number of issues and also includes support for Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.8 which has been recently released.

Please note this version is not supported on Windows Server and will likely only be available for LTS release.

It has been discovered that the latest version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.8 is not compatible with CentOS 6.10, specifically the Transcoder component. If you are using CentOS 6.10 then we strongly recommend you update CentOS before updating the MediaCP.

As usual, the upgrade process will restart the MediaCP panel and all your media services after completion.
You should advise your customers of a brief interruption of service.

Full Release Notes

General Maintenance

  • Update PHP to version 7.3.11
  • Provide support for Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.8
  • Update Wowza Stream Publisher Module to fix swapToLive function
  • Update Wowza ModuleLimitPublishedBandwidth
  • nginx security improvements
  • Reseller Wizard UI includes some improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with Wowza Transcoder Templates on initial creation
  • Missing Transcoder Profiles and Stream Targets from Reseller Wizard
  • Changed “The shoutcast server” to “The service” when deleting a reseller service
  • Shoutcast 198 Geo Locking issue
  • Shoutcast 198 admin link points to /admin instead of admin.cgi
    Attempting to delete a default mount point shows a red error box with no message
  • API Start/Stop/Restart functions should use queue
  • Facebook (and possibly other) stream targets no longer working with latest Flussonic release
  • Icecast KH Player Links are returning a PHP Fatal Error
  • Icecast 2 SSL Support option should be disabled and removed by default on new service creation where SSL is not enabled in the panel
  • Set shoutcast2 publicip value to hostname to ensure SSL links at listing are correct
  • WSE -> Remove bandwidth limiting module from IP Camera services under advise from Wowza as it causes a memory heap issue and a crash
  • Shoutcast Stream Name should be mandatory for IP Camera or default to publish name if invalid
  • Album Cover Configuration option shows Enabled after Disabled is saved
  • Missing resource (404) of tabber.js on media services overview page
  • Deleting services through API does not correctly remove the service from the database
  • Public player page history only shows tracks played via AutoDJ and recent tracks should be disabled for Icecast & KH services
  • Suspend link is broken from service overview
  • HTTP proxy on port 80 automatically redirects to port 2000
  • Ices 0.4 streams only to the first mountpoint instead of enabled AutoDJ mount
  • Icecast KH proxy is not forwarding real IP address
  • Icecast 2 & KH admin links are incorrect
  • Flussonic services will not start when Transcoder is enabled

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