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Wowza and Flussonic on same system

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System Requirements

We generally recommend running only one on your system, because both software are designed to run dedicated on the system and by default both use the same ports (1935, 1936) and a lot of system resources, essentially doubling the resources for the same functionality. For this reason our installation asks to install only one or the other.

To install Wowza Streaming Engine and Flussonic on the same server, it will be required to configure Flussonic to use different ports to Wowza.

Please ensure that all of the following ports are open on the server before attempting this configuration. 

  • Wowza Streaming Engine – TCP 554, 1935, 1936, 8084, 8086, 8088 & UDP 554
  • Flussonic Media Server – TCP 5544, 1937, 3308, 8080, 8081

Install the MediaCP with Flussonic

It’s only possible to select one video engine during the initial installation, in this article we first select flussonic as it is easier to configure flussonic first and in the following steps we’ll come back and install wowza. 

Please review System Requirements before installing the Media Control Panel software on your system.

1. Login to your server as root

It is required that you login to the server as a root user to install the Media Control Panel.

2. Run the following in SSH to begin the installation

cd /root;rm -f init;wget;chmod +x init;./init;

3. Select your media server

Our script will only allow you to install one at a time. For this guide we will install Flussonic first


Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the remainder of the installation.

Configure Custom Flussonic ports


This section of the guide will cover the steps to change the default ports on Flussonic.

2. Edit the /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf file

nano /etc/flussonic/flussonic.conf

3. Update the flussonic ports from 1935 and 554 to 1937 and 5544.

4. After updating the ports save the changes. Apply the new port settings in the MediaCP system config under the “Plugins” tab.

5. Restart Flussonic on the server to apply the changes.

service flussonic restart

Install Wowza Streaming Engine

After installing the control panel and configuring Flussonic you can now install Wowza on the server using the default settings. You should use our installation utility to install Wowza Streaming Engine, since it will automatically integrate with MediaCP.

1. Re-run the init script and select the “admin tools” option.

2. Select the “Install Wowza Streaming Engine” option and follow the on screen prompts.

Enable Wowza in the Panel

This section will cover how to enable Wowza in the panel after installation. 

1. Login to the mediacp

2. Update your url to point to the plugins configuration
3. Updating your URL will display the page below. To enable Wowza check the box on the list and then click the ‘Install Checked Plugins” button.


Next steps!

With both video servers configured you are now ready to start video streaming! More information about video streaming can be found in our video live streaming guide and TV station guide.

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