MediaCP Release Notes

In News, Release Notes by Matthew Lear

This maintenance patch provides a number of bug fixes and minor improvements, featuring:

  • Wowza Streaming Engine update to 4.7.6
  • Icecast KH update to KH10
  • Icecast KH HTTPS support
  • License validation improvements (resilience to server outages)


Story MCP-184 Option to reset admin password via CLI
Story MCP-229 LetsEncrypt should use domain configured in panel as preferred source
Story MCP-260 Configure Icecast KH services with HTTPS support
Story MCP-283 License validation improvement
Story MCP-285 Update Wowza Streaming Engine to 4.7.6
Story MCP-288 Improvements to Backup & Restoration utility
Story MCP-296 Backup script to check available space in current directory and block backup if not enough space
Story MCP-299 Upgrade IcecastKH to KH10
Bug   MCP-214 Review any links to site from MediaCP
Bug   MCP-268 Errors displaying in service overview with error reporting off
Bug   MCP-284 Liquidsoap Bitrate locked to 128
Bug   MCP-292 Wowza player does not provide HTTPS link when 443 is used without StreamLock (custom cert)
Bug   MCP-293 Confirm fullchain.pem is removed on disable/enable letsencrypt
Bug   MCP-297 Ices 0.4 fails to start
Bug   MCP-298 Add Shuffle Playlist option back in for sctransv1 and ices0.4