MediaCP Release Notes

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We are excited to announce the release of our next stable  release for production use, featuring:

  • A brand new look
  • Support for the free Video.JS video player
  • The ability for customers to choose between video players
  • Complete UTF-8 Support
  • Low Latency HLS Streaming
  • Overhaul of Wowza TV Station Playlist Manager

Feature Highlights

New Look

We’ve decided it’s time for a refresh with our new Material theme. Take a look at our updated Features page for more screenshots.

UTF-8 Support

A long-time request has now been fulfilled and your customers should no longer have difficulty with UTF-8 Characters within the panel.

Low Latency HLS Streaming

Low Latency streaming once was only working with Flash based streams, which, as we all know flash is no longer supported across most modern browsers. We have now provided renewed support for Low Latency HLS Streaming both as a new Service Type (Live Streaming Low Latency) as well as a new option under the Feature tab for Wowza Streaming services. This is configured with the default options as specified within the article by Wowza Streaming Engine -> Configure HLS Chunks. We will be further working to provide finer controls over low latency service options.

Support for the free Video.JS video player and  the ability for customers to choose between video players

Release Notes

Story MCP-341 UTF-8 support
Story MCP-331 Implement better error handling
Story MCP-262 Restart AutoDJ if online when restarting Shoutcast or Icecast services
Story MCP-212 Option to provide low-latency HLS streams, or build into Low Latency Live Streaming instead
Story MCP-209 Automatically attempt reconnect failed facebook stream targets
Story MCP-92 Customers should be able to select the Media Player from their service
Story MCP-79 Support for video.js free HTML5 video player
Story MCP-5 Update Wowza TV Station Playlist Manger to support sub-folders (or tags)
Bug MCP-337 open_basedir should allow entire /etc/ directory as files localtime and timezone cannot be accessed otherwise
Bug MCP-333 Facebook stream targets do not work when the Facebook page includes UTF-8 characters
Bug MCP-332 Wowza Playlist Scheduling issue
Bug MCP-327 Preference /etc/timezone over /etc/localtime for system TZ resolution