MediaCP Release Notes

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This maintenance patch provides plenty of changes which include a number of bug fixes, security, performance and a handful of small feature changes.

Instant restart/stop of Shoutcast, Icecast & AutoDJ

Likely the favourite change included in the release is the removal of the “Queue” system and the 1 minute wait after pressing start/stop/restart. Thanks to changes in our web service infrastructure, Media services can now be immediately controlled from the interface.

Wowza Streaming Engine Update to 4.7.7

Wowza Streaming Engine is now updated to the latest release 4.7.7.

Icecast 2 Security Update

Notably, we’ve updated Icecast 2 to 2.4.4 and also provided SSL support which is enabled by default for panels that are configured with HTTPS. For existing Icecast services, you will need to manually transition them from http to https by changing the setting under the ‘Feature’ tab of the service configuration.

Switch from Apache to NGINX

Under the hood, we’ve switched out the traditional Apache webserver running mod_php with nginx and php-fpm. This should see a significant and noticeable performance improvement with the MediaCP as well as increase the security of the software and finally, allow us to instantly start/stop/restart of Media Services

Release Notes

Type Summary
BUG FIX Update Player Links (dedicated page links) for Wowza Streaming Engine to support streaming with port 443/https
BUG FIX DJ Listen port for sc_transv2 is set to 0 on services created through API/WHMCS
BUG FIX Stream Auth page has no template header/footer
BUG FIX Remove Transcoder option for Wowza Ondemand services as it is not compatible
STORY Flowplayer embed code should generate bitrate variants in player itself
STORY Reduce Shoutcast 2 Relay auto-reconnect time to 30 seconds and allow this to be configurable
STORY Upon login, reseller should go straight to Resellers Dashboard
STORY WHMCS -> Add liquid soap support
STORY SSL Streaming Support for Icecast 2 (2.4.4 stable)
STORY Allow customer to save their own license key against a video player for each service
STORY Utilise PHP-FPM w/Apache for Linux
STORY Instant start/stop/restart of Media Services
STORY Swap apache for nginx web server on Linux
STORY Upgrade Wowza Streaming Engine to 4.7.7
STORY Allow StreamTargets to be used on TV Station services
BUG Email Templates page is not working
STORY [URGENT] Upgrade Icecast to 2.4.4