MediaCP Release Notes

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This maintenance release provides some minor improvements, introduction of Shoutcast v2.6 and also addresses a number of bugs introduced with release. Read full release notes.

Shoutcast DNAS 2.6 and 2.5

Shoutcast 2.6 has been recently released and introduces some controversial changes, introducing “Freemium” and “Premium” versions.

By default, without a Premium license, Shoutcast v2.6 limits streaming to ONLY MP3 with a maximum bitrate of 128Kbps. This is a significant change as many customers are used to freely using Shoutcast with both MP3 and AAC at any bitrate. For this reason, the MediaCP allows you to choose which version you would prefer to use, either the new version 2.6 or previous 2.5.

When you upgrade to MediaCP your Shoutcast 2 services will remain at version 2.5 unless you manually change them to 2.6 under the Misc tab

You can also set the default version for new services from System Config -> Plugins -> Shoutcast 2 -> Shoutcast 2 Version.

Full Release Notes

Type Code Summary
Story MCP-324 Upgrade Shoutcast DNAS to v2.6
Story MCP-365 Increase maximum number of tags allowed on Wowza TV Playlist Manager
Story MCP-372 Compile static binaries for NGINX and PHP on Debian 9 and CentOS 8
Story MCP-374 Provide compiled ProFTPd for CentOS and Debian
Story MCP-394 Disable Icecast 2 SSL by default on new services until Icecast 2.5 release supports SSL and non-SSL on the same port
BUG MCP-383 Restart Button from service list not working.
BUG MCP-307 Shoutcast 2 service not showing disk usage on overview page
BUG MCP-326 Shoutcast198 and Shoutcast198(patched) both pointing to the same file.
BUG MCP-367 Ampersands in file names cause Wowza Streaming Engine TV Station playlists to break
BUG MCP-369 Upload button missing in shoutcast icecast
BUG MCP-370 Default (TV STATION) playlist doesnt alert when changes are made.
BUG MCP-376 Stream targets not listing all available pages in some circumstances
BUG MCP-378 SamBroadcaster stats failing in health check.
BUG MCP-382 Running init letsencrypt-disable does not remove ssl.conf from nginx (causing https to not disable)
BUG MCP-395 Lets Encrypt post-renew does not restart nginx
BUG MCP-396 Refresh system cache causes TV Station Playlists to be invalidated
BUG MCP-399 GeoLock Countries page has no template