MediaCP Release Notes

Media Control Panel maintenance release is now available.

Full Release Notes

    Story	MCP-16	Wowza - Apply Custom Properties
    Story	MCP-196	Enable AutoDJ by default (in wizard only) with new Shoutcast or Icecast Streams
    Story	MCP-334	Add dropdown selection of Yes/No to Allow Relay for Shoutcast 2 service
    Story	MCP-357	Add ability to search files in TV Station playlist manager
    Story	MCP-407	Update VideoJS to 7.3.0
    Story	MCP-416	Liquidsoap encoder should wrap encoder with audio_to_stereo when Stereo mode is selected
    Story	MCP-433	Add Secure Streaming Port for WSE
    Bug		MCP-418	Stream Targets error with 'The request requires user authentication' if the target name contains a space
    Bug 	MCP-429	Bread crumbs missing on Player links page
    Bug		MCP-430	Logout icon missing on Fluid theme
    Bug		MCP-435	On server reboot, service is started again but not autodj service
    Bug		MCP-437	Scheduled AutoDJ Playlists are not playing at the correct time

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