MediaCP Release Notes

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Media Control Panel maintenance release is now available.

Full Release Notes

Story	MCP-463	Add index to wowza_metadata table on server_id and filename columns
Story	MCP-464	Clear systems localkey field on Refresh Cache function to force update of license key
Story	MCP-483	Tabbify Admin Plugin Settings
Bug	MCP-406	TV Station Player does not play on very first load of player
Bug	MCP-417	Plugins page missing template header and footer
Bug 	MCP-457	Portuguese language files need to be converted to UTF-8
Bug	MCP-461	When Quota is set to unlimited on some services a user might receive "Failed. Reached Quota Allowance"
Bug 	MCP-474	Stream Targets is not enabled in WSEM for TV Stations upon creation
Bug     MCP-476	RefererValidate is not disabled from WSE when removed from MediaCP
Bug	MCP-477	Fixed issues with Shoutcast 2 SSL (SC2 does not recognise symlinks)
Bug	MCP-480	Icecast 2 service with SSL support should update media player links to be HTTPS instead of HTTP
Bug	MCP-481	Liquidsoap is unable to connect to IC2 service with SSL support