MediaCP Release (LTS)

In Release Notes by Matthew Lear

Media Control Panel maintenance release is now available.

Full Release Notes

 Task    MCP-500 Apply additional security configurations to NGINX
Story MCP-502 Icecast 2 & KH SSL Support for WIndows
Story MCP-501 Add support for release branch selection via Update Preference setting
Bug MCP-513 Fix updates server url on older MediaCP instances, causing panel to report v2206 as latest version
Bug MCP-512 Fix TV Station file meta data issues
Bug MCP-505 MediaCP word should be removed from servers.tpl where no branding is purchased
Bug MCP-503 5 minute interval cron job not running where multi-threading is used
Bug MCP-499 SMTP Authentication issues
Bug MCP-493 cron.php startall=1 does not restore autodj services
Bug MCP-491 AutoDJ Stop and restart buttons missing from (Customer) My Server Overview
Bug MCP-345 Remove ModuleLimitPublishedStreamBandwidth module for TV Stations as this only works with RTMP services and not StreamPublisher