MediaCP Release (LTS)

Media Control Panel maintenance release is now available.

Full Release Notes

 Task    MCP-439 Remove duplicate php_openssl.dll and change extension=php_opcache to zend_extension= in windows php.ini
Task MCP-525 Apply ProFTPd passive ports in FTP configuration and update documentation
Task MCP-546 WHMCS Module should provide more information on failed connection
Task MCP-573 Update Wowza Streaming Engine to
Bug MCP-570 LetsEncrypt SSL Auto-Renewal is not working for IcecastKH
Bug MCP-274 Top 10 countries embed code not working
Bug MCP-507 Review low-latency TV service and ensure working appropriately
Bug MCP-515 Improvements to Dutch translations
Bug MCP-523 Shoutcast 2.6 admin URL is /admin.cgi not /admin/
Bug MCP-549 AutoDJ General Rotations are not saved with UTC time in the database
Bug MCP-556 AutoDJ General Rotation schedule does not save if minutes are 0
Bug MCP-557 WSE TV Station smil file includes duplicate playlists which causes glitches

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