MediaCP 2.3.2 Release (Current)

In Release Notes by Matthew Lear

Media Control Panel 2.3.2 update for the Current release branch is now available.

Full Release Notes

Task   MCP-94 Automatically detect license key on start of init script
Task MCP-439 Remove duplicate php_openssl.dll and change extension=php_opcache to zend_extension= in windows php.ini
Task MCP-525 Apply ProFTPd passive ports in FTP configuration and update documentation
Task MCP-528 Add port 8080 to reserved ports in MediaCP, potential for future control panel port
Task MCP-542 Use secure_stream_url when publishing to Facebook Stream Target
Task MCP-546 WHMCS Module should provide more information on failed connection
Task MCP-551 Letsencrypt cronjob should be updated if it does not contain the cleanup hook
Task MCP-548 AutoDJ Services with Shoutcast 2.6 should default to MP3 < 128Kbps
Story MCP-236 WSE Increase FacebookReadWriteTimeout
Story MCP-409 Add support for VideoJS player in WSE Ondemand HTML5 Playlist
Story MCP-442 Only show 'Live Stream to AutoDJ' when AutoDJ is started
Bug MCP-536 Stream Targets button missing in new and existing services (Version 2.3.1)
Bug MCP-274 Top 10 countries embed code not working
Bug MCP-504 Stream targets button appears when no targets enabled
Bug MCP-507 Review low-latency TV service and ensure working appropriately
Bug MCP-515 Improvements to Dutch translations
Bug MCP-523 Shoutcast 2.6 admin URL is /admin.cgi not /admin/
Bug MCP-524 WSE Ondemand playlist feed for JWPlayer should not require login
Bug MCP-526 Stream Targets Unavailable for TVstation in Version 2.3.1
Bug MCP-530 VideoMeta issue with updating from pre-2230 to 23x
Bug MCP-534 Fix Flussonic max_sessions issue causing 500 error
Bug MCP-535 Stream Target title missing when Portuguese language selected
Bug MCP-539 Fix Shoutcast 2.5 SSL proxy
Bug MCP-549 AutoDJ General Rotations are not saved with UTC time in the database
Bug MCP-553 AutoDJ (LiquidSoap) sometimes repeats one song when system TZ is not UTC
Bug MCP-555 Upgrading from pre- results in database table issues with video_meta
Bug MCP-556 AutoDJ General Rotation schedule does not save if minutes are 0
Bug MCP-544 Changing shoutcast versions not working correctly.
Bug MCP-565 WSE Ondemand Services should not have Transcoder options
Bug MCP-557 WSE TV Station smil file includes duplicate playlists causing glitches