MediaCP 2.3.3 Release Notes (Current)

Media Control Panel 2.3.3 update for the Current release branch is now available.

This update includes some critical changes and fixes to the Current 2.3.x branch to provide a stable product, and we are hoping to release 2.3.3 to the STABLE branch within the next couple weeks.

Icecast 2 SSL Changes

The latest stable release of Icecast 2 (2.4.4) does not support both SSL and non-SSL on the same port. This has created issues with simply ‘enabling SSL’ on Icecast 2, because some encoders do not support SSL. For this reason, SSL on Icecast 2 has (up until now) been disabled by default.

To provide more natural support in the MediaCP for SSL in Icecast, we’ve decided to add an additional non-ssl port when SSL is enabled. By default, if SSL is enabled on your Icecast stream using (for example) port 8000, the service will now automatically include a non-SSL enabled port on 18000.

WSE Auto-record

A bug has been reported where Wowza Streaming Engine would not automatically start recording when a live stream connects. We’ve discovered that WSE will automatically timeout the stream recorder when a stream has not connected within a minute.

To correct this, we’ve now included WSE ModuleAutoRecord for services with “Recording Auto Start” enabled. It is specifically configured for the original source that connects.

WSE Ondemand FlowPlayer Support

We’ve added a selection of media player between JWPlayer and VideoJS to the Ondemand Playlists last release (2.3.2), and in this release we add FlowPlayer into the selection as well.

Maintenance Mode

During MediaCP upgrades, a new maintenance mode page will be displayed in the MediaCP. As well as providing an adequate notice to your customers of what is happening, this will prevent accidentally running the SQL updates twice (which sometimes, now rare, will cause problems).

Full Release Notes

Task    MCP-581 Copy only sample.mp4 from Wowza to prevent additional files being copied to every account
Task MCP-527 Reload Icecast 2 & KH instances after updating Lets Encrypt certificate
Task MCP-485 Update NGINX to latest version
Task MCP-516 Remove login button from deactivated customers (listing)
Task MCP-564 Disable Shoutcast RTMP services by default, as SC 2 provides compatible HTML5 now anyway
Task MCP-573 Update Wowza Streaming Engine to
Task MCP-575 Update PHP to 7.1.27
Task MCP-578 Update Shoutcast 2.6 to latest version
Task MCP-579 Update Icecast KH to KH11
Task MCP-581 Copy only sample.mp4 from Wowza to prevent additional files being copied to every account
Story MCP-562 Add FlowPlayer support (back) to Ondemand Playlists
Story MCP-566 Run Icecast 2 (not-KH) SSL on alternate port range
Bug MCP-571 Shoutcast Bitrate locked to 128Kbps MP3
Bug MCP-570 LetsEncrypt SSL Auto-Renewal is not working for IcecastKH
Bug MCP-517 Reseller configure service page breaks template
Bug MCP-519 Checkbox for 'Use selected media as default in future' is no longer working correctly
Bug MCP-580 Wowza Recording Autostart is not working
Bug MCP-582 Issue with automatic portbase selections where database prefix is used

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