MediaCP 2.3.5 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MediaCP 2.3.5. The update brings a number of bug fixes and improvements to stabilize MediaCP 2.3.

Full Release Notes

Bug        MCP-636 Changing to Shuffled playlist in AutoDJ does not save after clicking on the playlist again
Bug MCP-637 New shoutcast services are created with v2.6 even if 2.5 is selected in Wizard
Bug MCP-607 Videos with UTF8 characters in their filename are duplicated many times in the video_meta database
Bug MCP-154 Further optimise historics database table for better performance
Bug MCP-584 Shoutcast 2 nextsong returning htdocs path with no track
Bug MCP-604 AutoDJ Playlists error is generated whilst updating a General Rotation playlist set with just the Active Hour and not also the Active Minute
Bug MCP-618 WSE Facebook Stream Target should provide better error message if not logged in
Bug MCP-629 Issue with first song looping on initial start of AutoDJ
Bug MCP-632 SMTP does not timeout appropriately upon connection issue
Bug MCP-634 API is unable to perform certain actions
Task MCP-585 Review and add additional indexes to database tables to improve performance
Task MCP-605 Don't comment out Access Appender lines from, only remove serverAccess
Task MCP-606 Update to PHP 7.1.28
Task MCP-608 Add CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT to WSEM connection class to prevent nginx/php-fpm timeout instead
Task MCP-609 Add try/catch to historical processing so it doesnt break the process
Task MCP-610 set_time_limit to 0 on cron.php script
Task MCP-611 Skip processing wowza viewers with bytes transferred < 500000 (0.50MB) AND duration < 15 and audio services where transferred < 0.16MB and duration < 20
Task MCP-614 Disable Google Maps IF integration key is not provided
Task MCP-616 Automatically purge outdated media_history data
Task MCP-621 Don't copy sample.mp4 to WSE live streaming services
Task MCP-622 Ensure all links to are HTTPS and update all links to
Task MCP-628 Windows installer should not replace VHost.xml on upgrade, only new install
Task MCP-630 Ability to create services with more than 1000 users
Task MCP-631 Only provide Secure links for Shoutcast 2 where Premium & Authhash provided

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