MediaCP 2.4.1 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of MediaCP 2.4.1 to the Current release branch. The update brings a number of bug fixes and improvements to stabilize MediaCP 2.4.

Full Release Notes


  • Upgrade to PHP 7.1.29
  • Upgrade nginx to 1.16.0
  • Raise php-fpm pm.max_children setting and php max_input_vars
  • Cache streaminformation.js.php end-point
  • Update Portuguese language files
  • Mountpoint support with HTTPS proxy
  • MCP Trial Version Support
  • Added reseller option to limit mountpoints PER server

Bug Fixes

  • UTF8 Support for ‘Now Playing’ code (Shoutcast 2).
  • Stream targets appear under all applications instead of which it was created for
  • Setting WSE -> Flash Player to “No” leaves HTML Embed Code link on service overview
  • Saving flowplayer or other player license keys does not save on customer servers page
  • Publish name for reseller created service does not match port that is automatically provided
  • Replace use of split() in older upgrade script as split() is no longer available in PHP 7.0
  • New services start to duplicate ports being used when MediaCP has more then 140 services
  • HTML Embed Code link does not work on service overview under player
  • Icecast Stream Authentication does not include plugin name in htpasswd filename path
  • LetsEncrypt Renewal should run –post-hook instead of –manual-cleanup-hook
  • TV Station playlist manager fails to load available media if some attributes aren’t provided by ffmpeg
  • It is not possible to set ICQ, AIM, IRC in Shoutcast 198
  • SSL Proxy for Icecast is not working when SSL is configured on port natively as it should stream from insecure service port
  • Interval playlist is playing 2 track instead of just 1 when set to X songs (i.e., every 2 songs)
  • Global statistics total data transfer showing TB instead of GB
  • Track protection not working well across multiple playlists
  • Icecast service configuration file blocks more than 2 sources
  • SMIL file generated for IP camera relay transcoder service references station name instead of shoutcast stream name
  • Remove # Mountpoints and # AutoDJ Sources from Shoutcast198 wizard
  • Changes to AutoDJ interrupt schedules does not save

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