MediaCP 2.4.2 Current now available

MediaCP 2.4.2 is a maintenance release and now available on the Current branch. The update further stabilizes version 2.4 and is a candidate for release on the LTS / Stable branch within the next week or so.

The release includes support for the recently available Debian 10.

If you found yourself having difficulty with sc_trans v1 or Ices 0.4, you should be relieved to know that we’ve now fixed a few major faults that stopped the AutoDJ service from running.

We have also introduced some minor accessibility features to provide greater compatibility with screen readers. If you have any further feedback in regards to this area, please let us know! You will find an additional option under your profile/account configuration to enable enhanced accessibility options.

Full Release Notes


  • Debian 10 Support
  • Delete autodj playlists when removing service
  • After updating mount point settings, the user should be prompted to restart the service to apply changes
  • Reset admin dashboard Getting Started when upgrading from version 2.2 or earlier
  • Update flussonic installation script
  • Lang items missing from MountPointController
  • Remove notice on service overview RE: SAM Broadcaster requiring v2 connection when using LiquidSoap
  • Add sc_transv1 support to shoutcast 2 and icecast services
  • Allow backup command to be run on Debian 7 (even though 7 is no longer supported)
  • Accessibility improvements for screen readers

Bug Fixes

  • Restarting multiple services results in a broken page
  • Autodj restarted timestamp is not saved in UTC causing issues with next song calculations
  • Remove reload schedule button from Flussonic TV Station services as it is not required
  • SMIL file is not automatically created when enabling transcoder AFTER creating a Live Streaming service
  • Getting started shows Company Name as RED even know it is changed from default setting
  • Rewrite social media posting twitter and facebook callback URLs for compatibility with twitter updates
  • It is not possible to change bitrate for sc_trans v1 services
  • Files created by WSE recording are not able to be played back
  • Ices 0.4 and 2.0 aren’t using new MountPoint settings for connection and sometimes won’t connect
  • Don’t delete bandwidth data after deleting a service as it will incorrectly skew the panels stats

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