MediaCP 2.4.4 LTS now available

MediaCP 2.4.4 is a maintenance release and now available on the LTS / Stable branch. The update further stabilizes version 2.4, providing a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Notice for WSE IP Camera Restreaming:
All new services created will have a default Stream Name of “” (where publishname is the name of your service). Existing services will not be updated automatically and you should apply this change manually after advising your customers.

As usual, the upgrade process will restart the MediaCP panel and all your media services after completion.
You should advise your customers of a brief interruption of service.

Full Release Notes


  • Block cron from executing while update in progress

Bug Fixes

  • Icecast SSL settings not translated (Portuguese)
  • Logs cant be downloaded from the log manager.
  • No tooltip for Flussonic in service creation.
  • Empty playlists in nextsong lookup (while service already online) are causing sc_trans and LS to spam the database with requests
  • Live recording saving all versions of transcoded live stream
  • Remove word “MediaCP” from “How to obtain google maps api key” text
  • Remove “MediaCP” from Advanced Reports title section
  • Remove maxmind branding from service overview -> GeoIP Statistics tab
  • Last updated time on GeoIP Statistics should be provided in local time
  • Remove copyright from forgot password screen
  • Stream Targets button displays upon certain circumstances where no stream targets are enabled
  • Admin users page is not setting empty reseller plan correctly
  • IP Camera does not come online automatically after restarting WSE
  • Reseller dashboard does not show disk usage
  • Unable to set Mount Points to unlimited from reseller plan
  • Fix parsing of shoutcast statistics with broken UTF-8 encoding

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