MediaCP 2.4 now available on LTS branch

After several weeks of production usage by customers on the Current release branch, the MediaCP 2.4 is now available on the LTS branch as a stable release.

This update is packed with a focus on audio streaming services featuring multiple mountpoints, Track repeat protection and cross-fade with liquidsoap not to mention several other features.

Multiple Mount Points

This is the flag ship feature of version 2.4.0, including the ability to configure and manage multiple mount points on audio services such as Shoutcast 2 and Icecast 2. The number of mount points and autodj services permitted can be configured on a per-service basis.

Mount Point Manager

Track Repeat Protection

It is now possible to configure track repeat protection on each AutoDJ station. By default this is set to not repeat the same song within 10 minutes.

Admin & Reseller Dashboards

Both the admin and reseller dashboards have received a refresh, and now include an overview of what is happening on your system.

Admin Dashboard
Reseller Dashboard

Google Maps per customer

Google Maps API Key can now be configured per customer account as well as set for the entire panel if desired. If a key is not set for the panel, then the customer will be prompted to configure an API key themselves.

My Account -> Google Maps API Key

Display CAPTCHA code after failed login attempts

To further secure your panel and protect against brute force attacks, you can now configure Google ReCaptcha on failed login attempts.

Background Queue Manager

MediaCP 2.4 now includes a background process which performs service actions (start/stop/restart/delete). This provides a better user experience to your customers by instantaneously returning a page that provides a “Service Restarting” indicator instead of the user waiting for the page to load.

This also provides a better experience for administrators who need to take action on multiple services at once.

Older customers may remember the MediaCP used to have a queue system that would complete actions by cron job, within the next minute. The new queue manager no longer operates via cron job and will start working on your desired action within only 2-3 seconds.

Please note this feature is available on Linux operating systems ONLY.

2.4 Release Notes Summery


  • Debian 10 Support
  • Multiple Shoutcast 2 & Icecast Mount Points
  • Repeat Protection to AutoDJ Playlists for track
  • Crossfade support for Liquidsoap, including harbor onConnect
  • Add option for Charset in Icecast 2 & KH
  • AutoDJ -> Upload (M3U8) Playlist
  • Provide 48,000Hz samplerate to AutoDJ services
  • Display CAPTCHA code after failed login attempts
  • TV Station ability to copy/duplicate existing playlists
  • Allow reload of Wowza TV Station playlist without restart of entire publish point
  • Admin Dashboard enhancements
  • Add delete service button to Service Overview page
  • Add refresh button next to Now playing: offline messages
  • Provide additional levels of Low Latency support
  • Configure Google API key on customer account and services
  • UI Improvements to Reseller Dashboard
  • Add sc_transv1 support to shoutcast 2 and icecast services
  • Implement Queue Manager and integrate with service actions (start/stop/restart/delete)


  • Upgrade to PHP 7.1.29
  • Upgrade nginx to 1.16.0
  • Update OpenSSL to 1.1.0g
  • Removed support for Debian 7 on new installations
  • Raise php-fpm pm.max_children setting and php max_input_vars
  • Cache streaminformation.js.php end-point
  • Update Portuguese language files
  • Delete autodj playlists when removing service
  • Reset admin dashboard Getting Started when upgrading from version 2.2 or earlier
  • Removed notice on service overview RE: SAM Broadcaster requiring v2 connection when using LiquidSoap
  • Allow backup command to be run on Debian 7 (even though 7 is no longer supported)
  • Accessibility improvements for screen readers
  • Redirect to servers page if service not found
  • Disable wowza stats by default on new installations, to drastically reduce systems disk usage.
  • Hide AutoDJ buttons if no autodj services configured on mountpoints
  • Update installation SQL from update files
  • Fallback mount should be dropdown selection of files within {mediaDir}/backup or manual input

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