MediaCP 2.5.2 CURRENT now available

MediaCP 2.5.2 is a maintenance release and now available on the Current / Unstable branch. The update further stabilizes version 2.55, providing critical security patches, a large number of bug fixes and updates to Icecast KH, Shoutcast 2.6 and liquidsoap 1.3.7.

As usual, the upgrade process will restart the MediaCP panel and all your media services after completion.
You should advise your customers of a brief interruption of service.

LiquidSoap is updated on CentOS 7, Debian 9 and Debian 10
CentOS 6.x will not be updated to versions beyond 1.3.4 due to the complications in building with an older O/S and compiler. We highly recommend you update to CentOS 7.x.

Full Release Notes

Security Patches

  • [CRITICAL] Authentication is not appropriately checked in several places.


  • Update Icecast KH to KH12
  • Update liquidsoap 1.3.4 to 1.3.7 on Debian 9/10 and CentOS 7 (CentOS 6.x will not include newer versions than 1.3.4 due to lack of system packages availability, we urge you to upgrade CentOS).
  • Test and upgrade Shoutcast 2.6 to build 753
  • Update translation file in the reseller menu
  • PHP-FPM configuration improvements
  • PHP-FPM emergency restart configurations
  • Database changes will only be completed via CLI upgrade scripts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue setting max sources for liquidsoap services
  • Usage graphs displaying incorrect times due to not being stored in UTC, in some cases causing the usage graphs to not include the past 1-2 hours of data for display.
  • Error displayed on admin dashboard regarding gethostbyaddr()
  • Blank page issue switching between ices 0.4 and other source plugins
  • VideoJS not working on Flussonic services
  • Flussonic TV shows Reload Schedules button at top of TV Station Playlist Editor
  • Shoutcast 2 can create a service with more than 5 connections on Trial license
  • FlowPlayer is used on VOD mode when Wowza Player is selected as default player
  • Offline services search (linked from dashboard) does not show suspended services
  • Navigation buttons on Customers page are too large, should be reduced to match services page
  • Health check shows queue manager as not running when it is online
  • When restarting a service, the queue manager should check if AutoDJ is enabled before attempting restart
  • Fix support for WHMCS v7.8 by changing hostname field usage and adding custom port option
  • Mountpoints row duplicated in ini_sets on some upgrades
  • If license is invalid upon new installation, the /setup/setup.php page redirects to /setup/setup/setup.php
  • AutoDJ services that support 1 mount should not limit the service to a single mount but rather limit the # of autodj services to 1 instance
  • Unchecking “Send a continuous live stream” on a Facebook Stream Target does not apply the change
  • cc_servers record not deleted after removal of WSE service
  • TV Station playlist entries order is reversed after saving in some cases
  • Creating a new customer account does not display an error when username or password is too short

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