MediaCP 2.5.5 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.5.5 is a maintenance release that updates PHP to 7.3.12, and addresses a number of issues.

It has been discovered that the latest version of Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.8 is not compatible with CentOS 6.10, specifically the Transcoder component. If you are using CentOS 6.10 then we strongly recommend you update CentOS before updating the MediaCP.

As usual, the upgrade process will restart the MediaCP panel and all your media services after completion.
You should advise your customers of a brief interruption of service.

Full Release Notes

General Maintenance

  • Update PHP to 7.3.12
  • Update ffmpeg to latest release
  • Clear Public Page and HTML5 player caches on service configuration update
  • Set CURLOPT_TIMEOUT in addition to CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT on Icecast and Icecast KH services to prevent lockups
  • Reduce timeout of cached items using proxy_pass to 15 seconds
  • Add timeout to WSE statistics connection to prevent hang-ups if WSE is not responsive

Bug Fixes

  • Flussonic statistics schema has changed, breaking reporting and statistics integration
  • AutoDJ failing to determine next song on sequential playlist if next file is not available
  • Shoutcast 2 statistics not available to panel when MediaCP configured with ip address instead of domain name
  • Update song title button broken
  • contentdir file not saved correctly when running backup
  • Cron startall function fails if an error occurs froom WSE and needs to be wrapped in try/catch
  • Twitter Auto-post is not sending the correct callback URL to Twitter
  • Replace “CASTControl URL” on Portuguese language file
  • Restart button on Live Camera Restream services is issueing streamReconnect twice
  • TV Station services should be able to output recordings to its own service
  • Icecast bitrate is not being read correctly in some instances
  • Hourly statistics not being updated correctly
  • sc_trans v2 unable to connect to secure icecast 2 services

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