MediaCP 2.8.8 Release Notes

MediaCP 2.8.8 is a maintenance release that includes web service updates and a number of bug fixes.

Full Release Notes

General Maintenance

  • Restart Icecast 2 services after SSL renewal to apply new certificate (does not apply to icecast 2 kh)
  • Resolve liquidsoap installing unsupported 1.4 on the LTS branch

Software Updates

  • Add support for TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 while removing 1.0 and 1.1 on nginx configurations
  • Update PHP version to 7.3.27
  • Update ProFTPd to 1.3.6e

Bug Fixes

  • Social Media Posting should not be available for Ondemand services
  • Forgotten Password -> Reset password confirmation page does not display template
  • Public Station page cache is not cleared after making changes to configuration
  • New Shoutcast services with version 2.5 selected are created as 2.6
  • Fix login page logo when logged out on a page other than index/root
  • Replace references of public_pages to stations
  • Listener count on audio public station page is not updating automatically
  • Streaming services not installed if no autodj selected during initial gui setup
  • Flussonic Stream Targets are not stopped appropriately due to flussonic api changes
  • Debian proftpd.conf missing include statement
  • Creating ondemand services broken with Flussonic 20.1
  • MediaCP backup should use CheckDiskSpace function to ensure only htdocs, db & content is calculated in backup size
  • New MediaCP and Flussonic installation does not enable HTTPS Port in MediaCP
  • Weekly Backup issues with media content

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