MediaCP 2.2.0 Release Notes

In Release Notes by castcontrol

After almost a year in making, and an enourmous changeles, the MediaCP 2.2.0 major release is now available for all users.

Major Features

  • Stand-alone software, no longer requires Apache, PHP, MySQL or FTP to be installed on your system.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine REST API Integration – your changes in WSEM are no longer lost on restart of a MediaCP service!
  • Brand new theme design, courtesy of Streaming Pulse.
  • FTP Disk Quotas on all services
  • Simple one-line update script

Feature Spotlight


The most notable feature that MediaCP 2.2.0 offers is the new stand-alone installation package, that’s right, 2.2.0 now runs as a service on your system with it’s own web, mysql and ftp service running independantly from your system. You are no longer required to have apache, mysql, proftpd or any other service installed on your system as the MediaCP 2.2.0 takes care of this entirely!

Installation is now super easy and all MediaCP installations should now be identical, installed in /usr/local/mediacp on Linux and C:/mediacp/ on Windows. The benefit of such an installation means our customers should experience minimal issues relating to configuration, and you won’t need to worry about maintaining a LAMPP/WAMPP stack.


MediaCP 2.2 now directly integrates WSE’s REST API allowing you to manage your streaming services in both the MediaCP and the WSE Manager web interface.

Changes to services in WSE Manager will no longer be lost when restarting the point in MediaCP!


Checkout the new theme on our website features page!

Change Log

 * Stand-alone software installations.
 * Wowza Streaming Engine REST API Integration.
 * Wowza -> Changes made in WSEM are now preserved when start/stop/update mediacp.
 * Wowza -> Added recording Start/Stop/Split buttons.
 * Auto Post to Facebook or Twitter on stream start.
 * Brand new Fluid theme by Streaming Pulse inc.
 * FTP Disk Quotas on all services.
 * Simple one-line update script.
 * MediaCP content directory is now configurable.
 Added: Custom Service Buttons allowing extendable features for individual service types.
 Added: Auto-Post to Facebook & Twitter when stream is live - Ticket 501.
 Added: Scanner -> stopallservices=1 and startallservices=1 commands.
 Updated: JWPlayer updated to version 7.2.4.
 Updated: Flowplayer updated to 6.0.4.
 Updated: Content directory is now a dynamic variable saved in Admin -> Settings.
 Updated: ProFTPD now sets Disk Quota on FTP accounts.
 Updated: Default FTP Email now includes {FTPPORT} tag.
 Updated: After create service, redirect to service with &refresh=true to force refresh any cached information.
 Updated: Windows database installation now includes set_time_limit and progress metre to avoid time out on slow systems.
 Fixed: AutoDJ StreamTranscoder quality selection on page load.
 Fixed: Warning when uploading AutoDJ files with debugging=on
 Fixed: FTP service would create duplicate ./music/ folder under ./content/user_x/music/ through cPanel FTP.
 Fixed: Bandwidth / Data Transfer now queries result in order of ID DESC so that the Data Transfer tab displays the last 6 months appropriately.
 Fixed: RPC user_create causing customers to become reseller accounts.
 Fixed: Admin -> Customers -> some customers incorrectly displayed as Reseller.
 Deprecated: Removed FTP selection from admin -> Config.
 Deprecated: Public Servers Listing page.
 Deprecated: Suspended Reason page (now included in service overview).
 Deprecated: contact.php page
 Deprecated: Admin Agreements configuration.
 Deprecated: Admin Health Page (now standalone).
 GUI Improvements
 Added: FTP Details and File Manager buttons to Service Overview pages
 Updated: Relabelled "castcontrol" to "mediacp" branding.
 Updated: Software Version page moved into template and properly updated language components.
 Updated: Admin -> Global Statistics moved into template file.
 Updated: Service listing pages -> status img now has better variable.
 Updated: (Template) If account is not logged in, always redirect to login.php
 Updated: Reseller "what is this?" links replaced with buttons.
 Fixed: Admin cannot select customers other ondemand services when editing a customers service. 
 Fixed: Issue where Hourly stats would not update because cron thought they had already completed.
 Fixed: AutoDJ -> Restart/Stop controls added to mobile view.

 Added: Service Restart/Stop button spam protection.
 Updated: removed inline CSS/JS from resell wizard
 Fixed: Issue with bitrate forking skipping servers
 Added: Wowza Config -> Stop Service Action.
 Added: Wowza Config -> Default Flash Version String.
 Added: Wowza -> Custom Buttons Start Recording, Stop Recording, Split Recording.
 Added: Wowza -> Recording Auto Start feature to start recording on service start.
 Updated: Manual changes to WSEM service should be preserved when start/stop/updating service in mediacp.
 Updated: Wowza Stop/Start functions will simply disable/enable wsem service if created.
 Updated: Wowza Service Configurations -> Removed shoutcast streamname field from irrelevant service types.
 Fixed: Wowza -> "XML String could not be parsed" issue. (potential)
 Fixed: Wowza Invalid XML is now pushed through HTML Tidy if problem exists.
 Fixed: Flash Encoder not properly reconnecting after disruption.
 Fixed: Wowza -> Dynamic Playlists -> m3u8 was using rtmp proto instead of http.
 Fixed: JWPlayer has better Transcoder and nDVR configuration.

 Added: Shoutcast/Icecast File Manager -> New button to delete entire folders.
 Fixed: Shoutcast GeoIP setting would not change from Allow Countries and was not working. 

 Fixed: WHMCS Module: "Wowza Media Type" Configurable option alternative "Flash Media Service" fixed.
 Fixed: WHMCS Module: "Wowza Media Type" config option setting of 'Shoutcast/Icecast Relay' now fixed.