MediaCP Manual
    Versions & Releases

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    MediaCP regularly releases software updates with new features and functionalities. You can install the software on your own server or update your existing software to the most recent version.

    Software Releases

    We provide the software through three release tiers allowing our customers to select their preferred update frequency and level of stability.

    • Stable Release Tier receives stability updates for the most stable version of the MediaCP. Updates have been publicly tested as well as passed internal automated testing procedures. All new installations will default to the Stable release tier.
    • Latest Release Tier provides early access to new features and is updated regularly, usually every 2-3 weeks. Updates are tested internally by our automated testing procedures before being released.
    • Long Term Support (LTS) receives the least amount of updates and will receive mostly only critical bug and security patches. This release tier will receive new major version updates from the Stable branch roughly once every 4 months.

    Update Release Notes

    Release Tier Version What's New Release notes
    Latest 2.12.2 What's new in 2.12 2.12.2 Release Notes
    Stable 2.11.9 What's new in 2.11 2.11.9 Release Notes
    LTS - 2.10.13 2.10.13 Release Notes

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