MediaCP Manual

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This guide will assist you with upgrading MediaCP on CentOS or Debian linux operating systems.

Login to your SSH server as root and run the following command:

su -c "$(curl -sSL upgrade"

Other Upgrade Guides

If you are using a much older version of the MediaCP then you should read the following information before upgrading. In this instance we highly recommend that you contact our support team to complete this for you.

Windows Servers

Windows is no longer supported by the MediaCP software. If upgrading from version 2.1.9.x or earlier then you will be required to re-install the MediaCP software and manually migrate your services.

Linux Servers

The MediaCP now operates stand-alone and includes it’s own web server, database server, ftp server and utilities bundled. MediaCP 2.2.x operates on port 2000 and your panel will be redirected automatically to http://your-domain:2000 after upgrade.

To upgrade from versions prior to 2.2.0, please be aware that the standard upgrade script which will automatically detect your previous version and perform a migrate. The migrate tool will perform the following tasks:

  • Install MediaCP 2.2.x to /usr/local/mediacp/
  • Copy your database to MediaCP own mysql service and updates file paths
  • Move your [MediaCP]/content directory to /usr/local/mediacp/content
  • Stops all media services in 2.1.9.x
  • Starts all media services in 2.2.x running as user mediacp
  • Upgrade Wowza Streaming Engine to latest supported version

Important Notes!

  • Please make sure there is enough space in /usr/local/ for the content/ directory to be moved.
  • As the entire database is copied, we recommend clearing the Advanced Reporting Statistics before beginning the upgrade to 2.2.x from Admin -> System Config -> RESET Reporting Statistics.

The Media Control Panel is discontinued on Windows Server. You must instead follow our Migrate to Linux documentation.


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