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Versión 2.6.5

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Las versiones de mantenimiento incluyen solo modificaciones menores que no se rompen, correcciones de errores y parches de seguridad.

Adjust transcoder bitrates in line with Flussonic defaultDone
Icecast/Icecast KH relay and source passwords default to changemeDone
TV playlists do not load correctly if a video exceeds the bitrate limitDone
WHMCS Yes/No options no longer working with latest WHMCS versionDone
Specifying single transcoder profile via API does not saveDone
Transcoder feature is performing full transcode rather than transrateDone
Facebook/Twitter Auto Posting cuts after single quote appears in song titleDone
Twitter oAuth URL is invalid, it should not contain the final forward slashDone
TV Station calendar showing "today" as wrong day when browser timezone does not match account timezoneDone

Versión 2.9.0

Últimas características
Versión de mantenimiento

Versión de estimación:

Las versiones secundarias incluyen mejoras menores, correcciones de errores y parches de seguridad.

Transcoder feature is performing full transcode rather than transrateDone
Remove deprecated Facebook Continuous Broadcast option and replace with Save Video to timeline optionDone
Reporting buttons still visible after disabling Historical Reporting in serviceDone
Update GeoIP legacy integration and GeoIP databasesDone
Polish language fileDone
Stream Targets support through for Nginx RTMP servicesDone
Add notice on HTML embed page if player domain is restricted, and provide link to change thisDone
Hide Port if service does not require the use of actual system portsDone
Icecast 2 service configuration clean upDone
Move Icecast SSL Support to Advanced tabDone
Automatically detect and remove deleted tracks from AutoDJ PlaylistsDone
HTML5 Audio Player should not show a title and default to default background if it detects "Unavailable" or "Unknown" as the current songDone
AudioPlayer should only request updated cover if nowplaying changes valueDone
AutoDJ -> Add Apply Replay Gain optionDone
AutoDJ/liquidsoap Smart Crossfade optionDone
Remove ftp prefix on new MCP installationsDone
Ability to select between /live and application name for Stream Target source on TV Station servicesDone
Deprecate CentOS 6 supportDone
AutoDJ playlists should be a list of playlists with click to manage, enable/disable, or deleteDone
French Language SupportDone
Flussonic install from MediaCP init should automatically enable plugin (if product already installed)Done
Change MediaCP default port to 2088Done
Update LiquidSoap to 1.4.x branchDone
Compile PHP with ext-redis for performance improvementsDone
CentOS 8 SupportDone
Czech Language supportDone
Compile NGINX with --with-http_stub_status_module forDone
Add current time (in users timezone) to autodj interfaceDone
Support for NGINX with RTMP support moduleDone
Deletion of services does not always remove all recordsDone
Replace references of public_pages to stationsDone
Add AAC Encoder Type option to Liquidsoap options per service defaulting to global settingDone
Remove recording of "error.618.1588550042.log" files as they aren't utilisedDone
Customer login should be directed straight to service overview if only one service within account (and not reseller)Done
Fix login page logo when logged out on a page other than index/rootDone
Clipboard fields should be one click auto copy as wellDone
Add note that Facebook Stream Publisher will only stream 8 hour eventsDone
New Shoutcast services with version 2.5 selected are created as 2.6Done
Update Polish translations from #ORS-49055 Done
Update LimitNOFile from 10240 to 1024000Done
Flussonic server option for edge server URL to use with load balanced clustersDone
WSE -> Facebook stream target should use Facebook type instead of RTMPDone
Update widgets, player and json links to use slugDone
Move Transcoder templates into root /templates directoryDone
Update LibShout and other Icecast librariesDone
Add button to "Reset & Send Password" to Customer Overview pageDone
Add Return to login link on Forgotten Password pageDone
Remove notices database table and reference to itDone
Ability to disable automatic account suspension on bandwidth overageDone
Public station page should be available on standard https port 443 when port 80/443 is configuredDone
Disconnect publisher on restart/reconnect/stop nginx-rtmp service or stream targetDone
NginxRtmp Transcoder / ABR supportDone
NginxRtmp Data Transfer supportDone
NginxRtmp DVR supportDone
Remove BETA status from Flussonic TV StationDone
Add additional bitrate selections beyond 4096 Kbps for video streaming servicesDone
Geo Country Locking for Flussonic Media ServerDone
Wowza and Flussonic should use slug instead of unique ID for application names, however must be backwards compatible with original unique_idDone
Video streaming services should start at 256Kbps not 24KbpsDone
Replace usernames in display within panel with Customer Name, falling back to username if not availableDone
Remove WSE plugin options for Address, API Port, Admin Host Port and java Binary as these are no longer requiredDone
iFrame embedded video playersDone
Move "YP Public Server" from AutoDJ tab to Mountpoint stream settingsDone
Audio Streaming -> DJ Priorities to allow higher priority dj's to connect and automatically kick lower priority djsDone
Database cleanupDone
Update VideoJS to 7.5.xDone
Stream Group ngrp support for WSEDone
Apply static image or logo overlay to Video Streaming using TranscoderDone