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Why Choose MediaCP Cloud?

MediaCP Cloud Video is a white-labeled enterprise video streaming platform designed for service providers and powered by AWS and Akamai CDN.

Cloud Video Platform Features

MediaCP Cloud Pricing Plans











Included bandwidth GB1,0001,000 
Included Cloud Storage2525 
Approximate streaming hours included (@720p 2Mbps)
Streaming hours are based on included bandwidth.
1 live streaming hour = 1 encoder or stream publisher broadcasting for 1 hour total
Approximate viewing hours included (@720p 2Mbps)
Viewing hours are based on included bandwidth.
1 Viewing Hour = 1 viewer watching for 1 hour total.
Price per additional bandwidth GB$0.08
Price per additional storage GB$0.25$0.25 

Frequently Asked Questions

EGRESS bandwidth is traffic between the MediaCP Cloud and the CDN network as well as the traffic between the MediaCP Cloud and your Simulcasters/Publishers (Facebook, Youtube etc). It is accumulated for every minute of broadcast.

CDN bandwidth is traffic utilised by your viewers watching the the web video player (or HLS link). It is the traffic flow between the CDN and your viewers.

The MediaCP Cloud operates 100% on serverless technologies and therefore does not require a server or VPS. You can instantly sign up and begin streaming.

No additional streaming engine license is required to use the MediaCP Cloud.

Your cloud video platform will be automatically upgraded to the plan that you have selected during Trial Registration.

Live streaming hours are the duration that a broadcast is online for. Many providers will charge per hour of streaming, in addition to the bandwidth. MediaCP only charges for egress bandwidth.

Viewer hours is an approximation of the total time all of your viewers are watching your streams. E.g., 10 viewer hours would be consumed if 10 viewers watched all of your 1 hour event, or if 20 viewers watched all of your 30 minute event. Our approximations of viewer hours are based on views at 720p at 2Mbps. Actual consumption may be higher or lower based upon your encoder settings, the streamed content, and the video resolutions consumed.

MediaCP Cloud does not provide any viewer hour limit. Viewer hours are estimated based upon the CDN Bandwidth.

Additional bandwidth and storage will be automatically billed to your account at the end of the month.

PAYG plans include capped bandwidth until you contact MediaCP. In order to raise the cap we may require a small one-time deposit.

Due to the nature of the service, only Credit Card payment is available. This ensures that your service is automatically debited at the end of the cycle. There are no exceptions to the payment methods.

The Cloud Video Platform operates across many serverless technologies and does not run on a traditional server, therefore it is not possible to deploy to your own servers. Instead we manage the infrastructure and monitoring for you. 

If you would like to use your own CDN instead of Akamai CDN our sales team are able to discuss custom pricing with you. Please contact us.

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Media Control Panel


The MediaCP is a feature rich HTML 5 responsive audio & video streaming control panel for online Radio, Video Streaming & TV Station management all in one easy to use web control panel. Our software supports the major streaming audio and video platforms including Shoutcast, Icecast, Icecast KH, and Wowza Media Server.

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