MediaCP Manual
    1. Getting Started
    2. Sales Questions
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Transcoder System Benchmarks
    5. Start your own streaming platform
    1. Change account currency
    2. Product Licensing
    1. Introduction
    2. Installation & Upgrade
      1. System Requirements
      2. Versions & Releases
      3. Installation
      4. Upgrading
      5. Streaming Servers
        1. Nginx-Rtmp Video Server
        2. Wowza Streaming Engine
        3. Flussonic Media Server
        4. Video Feature Comparison
        5. Icecast 2 / Icecast KH
      6. SSL Certificates
    3. Billing Integration
      1. WHMCS Integration Guide
      2. Clientexec Integration Guide
      3. Blesta Integration Guide
    4. Migrate from other software
      1. Migrate from Centovacast
    5. Backup & Restoration
      1. Backup MediaCP
      2. Restore MediaCP
      3. Transfer to another server
    6. Administration
      1. Custom Web Service Configurations
      2. Reset Admin Password
      3. Port 80 / 443 Proxy
      4. MediaCP System Commands
      5. Change MediaCP domain name
      6. Move media to another hard disk
      7. Secure your server
      8. Troubleshooting Login Errors
      9. Custom Facebook App
    7. Scaling
      1. Scale with Wowza and CloudFront CDN
      2. Nginx-Rtmp with CloudFront CDN
    8. Troubleshooting
      1. Grant access to support team
      2. Troubleshooting Wowza Streaming Engine
      3. FTP Troubleshooting
      4. MySQL Database Troubleshooting
      5. Reporting Troubleshooting
      6. Troubleshooting Liquidsoap AutoDJ
      7. Video Relay Troubleshooting
    1. Introduction
    2. Administrators Dashboard
    3. System Configuration
      1. General
      2. Services
      3. Video Players
      4. Albums
      5. Email
      6. Plugins
      7. Statistics
      8. Backups
      9. Custom HTML
      10. Misc
    4. Customer Accounts
      1. Managing existing Customers
      2. Create a new Customer
      3. Deleting a Customer
      4. Login as another Customer
      5. Send email to Customer
      6. Reset Customer Password
    5. Reseller Accounts
      1. Reseller Plans
      2. Create a Reseller Account
    6. Media Services
      1. Creating a Media Service
      2. Deleting a Media Service
    7. Announcements
      1. Managing Announcements
      2. Creating Announcement
      3. Deleting Announcement
    8. Statistics
    9. Software Health
    10. Software Updates
    11. Email Templates
    12. API
    1. Introduction
    2. Audio Operation Manual
      1. Basics 101
      2. Station Overview
      3. Media Library
      4. Playlists
        1. General Rotation
        2. Jingles & Advertising
        3. Scheduling
        4. Repeat Protection
      5. Live DJ Connections
      6. Live Stream Recording
      7. DJ Manager
      8. Country Blocking
      9. Stream Proxy
      10. Widgets & Links
      11. Reporting
    3. Reseller Operations Manual
      1. Reseller Dashboard
      2. Customers
      3. Media Services
    1. API Documentation
    2. Custom Domain Names
    3. Shoutcast 2 Admin Guide
    4. Wowza and Flussonic on same system
    5. Submit a feature request
    6. Wowza Custom Properties
    1. Shoutcast 2 Live Broadcasting
    2. DJ Priorities
    3. HTML5 Audio Player
    4. Broadcasting with AutoDJ
    5. Shoutcast 2 Premium
    6. Mount Points
    1. Getting started with video streaming
    2. Live Streaming Overview
    3. TV Station Overview
    4. Ondemand Video Streaming
    5. Relay & IP Camera
    6. GeoIP Country Locking
    7. VAST Advertising
    8. Stream Recording
    9. Connecting your encoder
    10. Managing your media files
    11. Understanding Video Playlists
    12. Embedding player on your website
    13. Smooth Streaming and Content Transition
    14. Video Transcoding (Adaptive Bitrate Streaming)
    15. Image Logo or Watermark Overlay on Video Stream
    16. DVR Rewind
    17. Statistics
    18. Facebook Live Streaming
    19. Youtube Stream Publishing
    20. Twitch Stream Publishing
    21. Shoutcast 2 Stream Publishing
    22. Icecast Stream Publishing
    23. RTMP Stream Publishing
    1. Cloud Video Overview
    2. Admin Manual - Cloud Video
      1. Login to your cloud platform
      2. Dashboard - A First Look
      3. Branding your platform
      4. Team & Staff Members
      5. Plans & Customers
      6. WHMCS Billing Provisioning Module
      7. Activating VOD on Customer Plan
    3. User Manual - Cloud Video
      1. Login to your video platform
      2. First Look
      3. Creating a Channel
      4. Channel Overview
      5. Broadcasting
      6. Recording
      7. Fallback Video
      8. TV Channels - 24x7 UGC
      9. Video on Demand
      10. VOD Playlists
      11. Publishing
      12. Viewing Analytics
      13. Publish Zoom Meetings
      14. Advertising
      15. Restreaming IP Cameras
    4. Video Guide Series
    5. Streaming Best Practices
    6. Feature Comparison
    7. Roadmap & Release Notes
Cloud Video Overview

Last updated 2 months ago

MediaCP Cloud Video is a white-labeled enterprise video streaming platform designed for service providers and powered by serverless technology and a global CDN.

The concept is to provide our customers with a serverless platform that will launch a business into the 21st century with Scalability, High Availability, Social Media Scheduling & Publishing, Video Analytics, Scalable Transcoding, Adaptive Bitrate, Pay-per-view, and much more.

The product is currently offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) hosted solution, alleviating from our clients the cost and responsibility of managing servers and infrastructure. By utilizing a SaaS model, MediaCP Cloud Video can offer highly competitive bandwidth and storage costs and allow our customers with a platform that grows with them.


Why SaaS?

  • The SaaS platform is designed so our clients can focus on the growth of their business, and not waste time managing infrastructure.
  • By providing a SaaS platform to multiple clients, we are able to leverage reduced bandwidth and storage costs through serverless technologies and CDN. We are able to deliver a pricing model that is highly competitive to other cloud video platforms.
  • Providing a highly available and high performance platform requires a lot of components working together and not only is there a larger cost associated with this, it also requires staffing resources and responsibilities to upkeep.

Update & Status Monitoring

Monitoring is available at

Core Features


  • Whitelabeled Cloud Platform: Deliver video streaming services to any scale in any location with our world class video platform powered by a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The entire platform is whitelabeled and does not include any custom branding, this is a platform designed for you.
  • High Availability & Performance: Powered by AWS serverless technology and autoscaling technologies, our application delivers excellent performance to anywhere in the world.
  • Secure RTMP/s Ingest Locations: Connect your encoder to a secure rtmps ingest location closest to your broadcasting location for optimal low-latency streaming.
  • Security first platform: All aspects of the platform include secure SSL certificates. No further configuration required.


  • Simple Domain Branding: Simply point your own sub-domain to our platform and the entire platform will now operate from your own domain name.
  • Platform Branding: Upload your own logo to be displayed throughout the platform.
  • Your Team: Provide your whole team with access to the video platform.
  • Account Plans: Create and manage account plans with limits for bandwidth, storage and bitrate.
  • Your customers: Create and manage customer accounts and access to the platform.
  • Analytics: Provide analytics information by Channel, Multi-Channel, or by Customer.


  • CDN Powered Broadcasting
  • Live Streaming: Broadcast live streaming events to be delivered anywhere in the world with thousands of CDN edges world-wide.
  • TV Channels – 24×7 Stations with a mix of User Generated Content and Live Broadcast.
  • Video on Demand – Upload content to be automatically delivered in multiple formats through a direct embeddable Player, Playlists or CMS.
  • Real-time Channel Dashboard provides a clear overview of your channel.
  • Social Media Publishing: Instantly publish to any of the below destinations:
    • Facebook: Closely integrated with Facebook to instantly publish
    • Youtube: Our publisher integrates directly with Youtube and will automatically setup an event when you go live, it is no longer required to have Youtube opened while you broadcast.
    • Twitch: Automatically publish your broadcast to the twitch platform.
    • Custom RTMP: Broadcast to any RTMP/s destination.
  • Analytics provide viewer counts, bandwidth usage, viewer location and device information.
    • Real-time information is accurate up to the last minute. ^(Our competitors provide information up to only the last 5 minutes)^
    • Historical viewer information is available up to the last 12 months
    • TV Mode: View up to date information directly in a full monitoring screen
  • Event Hooks: View broadcasting event
  • Multilingual: Available in English and Spanish ^(with more to come soon!)^

Table of Contents