Video on Demand (VOD) Streaming

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Video on Demand streaming in the Cloud with MediaCP Cloud offering adaptive playback through a top-tier content-delivery network (CDN) to deliver the best quality across all devices and network conditions anywhere in the world.

What is Video on Demand?

Video Ondemand Streaming is a technology that allows users to watch video content whenever they want, without having to download or store it on their devices. Users can access video content from various platforms, such as websites, apps, or smart TVs, and stream it over the internet. VOD has many purposes, such as entertainment, education, communication, and marketing, and is used for a wide range of different content such as movies, TV shows, documentaries, live events, webinars, tutorials, podcasts, and more.

The main purpose of Video Ondemand Streaming is to provide convenience and flexibility to users. Users can choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, and how they want to watch it. Users can also pause, rewind, fast-forward, or skip the video content as they wish.

Why use VOD in Cloud Video?

Cloud-based video on-demand streaming can handle large amounts of data and traffic, without compromising the quality or speed of the video. By using cloud object storage services, there is also a much reduced risk of data loss or corruption. Cloud-based VOD streaming can also save money and resources, by eliminating the need for expensive hardware, maintenance, and staffing requirements.

What Features does MediaCP Cloud VOD offer?

  • Easy to use Media Manager with drag-and-drop support to upload your library of media
  • Automatic cloud-based transcoding, packaging, and playback in adaptive formats
  • A publicly available hosted page to playback a video or playlist of videos
  • A publicly available hosted CMS to playback multiple videos
  • Video Analytics providing unique viewer numbers and bandwidth consumption
  • Global Streaming via CDN to anywhere in the world
  • Brandable and Customisable Video Player

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