Flussonic Control Panel

The Media Control Panel is an all in one solution for your stream hosting services supporting Shoutcast 198, Shoutcast 2, Icecast 2, Icecast 2 KH, Wowza Streaming Engine & Flussonic Media Server.


Flussonic Media Server Features

Flussonic Media Server is a reliable solution for video transport of any kind and complexity. You can organize a live video broadcast with IP cameras, provide massive on-demand video access, embed a video streaming module into your project (intercom, webinar platform, mobile device video recording, etc.).

  • Stand-alone control panel
  • Linux Support CentOS & Debian (Windows not supported)
  • nDVR support
  • Transcoding support
  • Multiple Video Players - VideoJS / JWPlayer / FlowPlayer & Clappr
  • HTML Embed Code to deploy video players to your website
  • Stream Publishing – Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch etc.
  • GeoIP - Google Maps
  • Media File Manager w/FTP Support
  • WHMCS Billing System Integration

Video Streaming Features

  • VideoJS / Clappr / JWPlayer / FlowPlayer
  • Live & Ondemand Video Streaming
  • Broadcast your own TV Station with server-side playlists
  • Dynamically updated ondemand playlists
  • nDVR & Transcoder functionality
  • Publish your stream to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch
  • Low Latency Streaming
  • Shoutcast & Icecast RTMP/RTSP Support with Wowza Streaming
  • View all MediaCP features

TV Station Automation

The MediaCP’s TV Station service type offers the ability to create and schedule server-side playlists to automate your video service just like a real TV Station.
The Playlist Manager is a drag and drop interface that allows you to sort and tag media then quickly build your playlists.

Video Transcoding & nDVR Support

Enrich viewers experience with Video Transcoding through Flussonic Media Server. The HTML5 compatible media players offer full support for Quality Selection and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR) is a technique used to detect a users bandwidth and CPU capacity in real time and automatically adjust the quality of the media stream accordingly.

Dynamic Ondemand Playlists

Dynamic playlists allow your customers to configure their video playlists from the MediaCP and automatically update on their website in realtime– with no changes to code.
This powerful feature means your customers only ever need to apply embed code to their websites only once.

Stream Target Publishing

It is possible to publish your Live Streaming services to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch using our Stream Targets function and Flussonic’ RTMP Publishing feature. 

What other features are supported?

The MediaCP Premium Edition supports the following features:

  • Live Streaming, Ondemand Streaming & TV Station Applications.
  • Integrated Media Players.
  • WHMCS Integration for complete billing automation.
  • Max Users (Simultaneous Connections) & Bitrate Limiting.
  • FTP Integration with Ondemand Streaming.
  • Real-time listener statistics including.
  • A list of each connected ip, country of origin & protocol.
  • Top 30 Countries (based on listener amounts).
  • GeoIP Listener plotted Google Maps.
  • Statistics & Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Media Control Panel include a Flussonic Media Server license?
NO. You must purchase a license seperately from www.flussonic.com


Do you offer an online demo?
Yes! Checkout our online demo here

Is there a free trial available?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with our product.

RESTful Integration

With a direct API integration to Flussonic Media Server, applications created in the MediaCP will appear in Flussonic Admin Panel.

Streaming Types

Live Streaming, Low Latency Live Streaming, Ondemand, Shoutcast Relay, IPCAM Relay, TV Station.

Video TV Station

Full support for HTML 5 media player compatible with MP3 and AAC streams.

Dynamic Ondemand Playlists

Your shoutcast and icecast streams will automatically be published to RTMP.
*Available with Wowza Streaming Engine only

nDVR + Transcoding

Experience the best in streaming technology with full support for nDVR and Transcoding functionality.

Facebook Stream Target

Broadcast automatically to Facebook using our custom built Stream Target support for Flussonc.

VideoJS Media Player

VideoJS offers a popular and free HTML5 player.

JWPlayer 8 Support

JWPlayer is compatible with all media types including nDVR and Transcoder.

*JWPlayer license key is required.


FlowPlayer is compatible with Live Streaming, TV Station and Ondemand services and supports ABR and Transcoder features. FlowPlayer DVR playback is not supported with Flussonic Media Server.

Clappr Media Player

Clappr is a free, open source player based on VideoJS and is compatible with all media types including nDVR and Transcoder for Flussonic.

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