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Start building your secure audio and video hosting solution on your own infrastructure today.

Our 14 day free trial includes:

Access to all MediaCP features

10 Media Services

Our free trial permits the creation of up to a maximum of 10 streaming media services.

Free Installation Service

Simply register for our free trial and our professional team will complete an installation service on your own server with no additional cost.

Stand-alone Control Panel

100% stand-alone with simple hassle-free installation and upgrade. No need to install Apache, PHP or MySQL.

HTML5 Responsive Interface

Manage your streaming business on the go with our HTML5 responsive interface compatible with desktop, tablet & mobile browsers.

All-in-one streaming solution

Manage all of your services from the one control panel including Shoutcast, Icecast, Wowza Streaming Engine and Flussonic Media Server.

Reseller Panel

Create resellers and provide extensive plans with our extremely configurable reseller plan editor.

Why choose our software?

Our dedicated team are passionate about audio & video streaming and strive to deliver the best control panel with the most comprehensive features.

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Important: Our software installs on your own dedicated server or VPS.
View system requirements here
If you do not have a dedicated server or VPS then we recommend using our trial with a 2CPU/2GB Vultr Instance