Free Nginx Video Streaming

Deliver high quality nginx-powered live video streaming with no additional streaming engine costs required.

  • Stand-alone CentOS / Debian control panel
  • HLS Live Streaming & IP Camera Restream
  • Simulcasting to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch
  • Reseller Control Panel included
  • Monitor / Limit Viewers & Bitrate
  • HTML5 SSL Video Player
  • GeoIP Country Locking

Live HLS Streaming

Broadcast secure live streams through your favourite encoder then embed the stream on your website or simulcast to your social media pages.

IP Camera Restreaming

Publish from any RTSP, RTMP or HLS stream source


It is possible to publish your Live Streaming and TV Station services to Facebook, Youtube, Periscope & Twitch using our Stream Targets function.
With Facebook Stream Publishing you can publish to either a Facebook Page or your own Timeline.
Our Stream Targets are smart enough to automatically reconnect upon disconnection of your encoder.

Video Streaming Server Comparison

Free Video Server
Wowza Streaming EngineFlussonic Media Server
Monitor Stream & # Viewers
Limit Stream Bitrate & # Viewers
HTTPS / HLS Live Streaming
IP Camera Relay Coming Soon
Ondemand Streaming Coming Soon
Ondemand Playlists Coming Soon
TV Station Streaming Coming Soon
Facebook / Youtube / Periscope / Twitch / etc
Country Locking
ABR & Transcoder
nDVR Support
Stream Recording
Limit Data Transfer
Low Latency Streaming
Historical Reporting
Shoutcast RTMP Relay

What other features are supported?

The MediaCP Premium Edition supports the following features:

  • Live Streaming Application
  • Integrated Media Players.
  • WHMCS Integration for complete billing automation.
  • Real-time listener statistics
  • A list of each connected ip, country of origin & protocol.
  • Top 30 Countries (based on listener amounts).
  • GeoIP Listener plotted Google Maps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to pay for Media Control Panel license?
Yes – you will still be required to purchase a MediaCP Premium license

Do i need to purchase any other license?
No – the integration is 100% free and is installed automatically.


Do you offer an online demo?
Yes! Checkout our online demo here

Is there a free trial available?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with our product.

RESTful Integration

With a direct API integration to Flussonic Media Server, applications created in the MediaCP will appear in Flussonic Admin Panel.

Streaming Types

Live Streaming, Low Latency Live Streaming, Ondemand, Shoutcast Relay, IPCAM Relay, TV Station.

VideoJS Media Player

VideoJS offers a popular and free HTML5 player.

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