Shoutcast Control Panel

Our Shoutcast Control Panel supports Shoutcast 198 and Shoutcast 2 with a huge range of features.

SHOUTcast Streaming Server Features:

  • Supports MP3 and aacPlus streaming
  • Allows for NSV (Nullsoft Video) streaming
  • Can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux through programs like
    WinAmp, Quicktime, iTunes, XMMS, Real Player, Windows Media Player.
  • Lists your station automatically on’s Station Listings
  • Easy to Setup
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SHOUTcast Features

The MediaCP provides an interface to automatically create and manage Shoutcast V1 and V2 servers.

  • One-Login Customer Accounts
  • AutoDJ Support + FTP Integration
  • Comprehensive Stream Limitations (Bitrate, Connections etc)
  • MSN Messenger Service Control
  • SMS Service Control & Alerts
  • Unlimited Stations & Streams
  • Stream Authentication Support
  • Country Based Listener Access

Shoutcast & Icecast Features

Shoutcast 1 & 2

The MediaCP has support both Shoutcast 198 and Shoutcast 2.

AutoDJ Support

Use our HTML5 AutoDJ interface with HTML5 uploader or FTP support.

HTML5 Media Player

Full support for HTML 5 media player compatible with MP3 and AAC streams.

RTMP Streaming

Powered by Wowza Streaming Engine, your shoutcast and icecast streams will automatically be published to RTMP.

Player Links

Copy and paste links for every device available with our HTML examples.

Scheduled Playlists

Completely automate your streaming server with our scheduled playlist manager.