Everest Cast Alternative

MediaCP is a modern control panel with excellent Customer Service, packed with features and does not compete in the audio stream hosting space.

Best Everest Cast Alternative

Everest Cast are a relatively new company based in Nepal offer a similar audio stream hosting product.

MediaCP offer a reliable product and are loyal to its users by not competing in the audio stream hosting space. We focus on the growth of our customers by supporting their requirements and building enterprise-grade products.

For over 18 years, our product has been actively developed and maintained holding a strong reputation for the latest features, design, and consistent Customer Service. 

Customer Service & Community

With a same business day response, Media Control Panel is renowned for its Professional Customer Service. Contact our sales team about migrating and we’ll reach out to arrange a personal onboarding experience.

MediaCP offers guaranteed response SLAs spanning a variety of budgets. We also offer Custom Enterprise arrangements with SLAs spanning 24×7.

Everest Cast Comparison

  • MediaCP
  • Everest Cast
General Features MediaCPEverest Cast
General Features
Web Control Panel
Easy Installation
Modern Design
Mobile Friendly
Mature Product
Enterprise Support Contracts
Custom Development Opportunity
Feature Request System
Multiple License Discounts
Not for Profit Discounts
  • MediaCP
  • Everest Cast
Branding MediaCPEverest Cast
Upload own logo
Custom Login Page Background
Custom Start Page Background
Custom Media Player Background
Start Page Customization
  • MediaCP
  • Everest Cast
Billing Integration MediaCPEverest Cast
Billing Integration
  • MediaCP
  • Everest Cast
Broadcasters MediaCPEverest Cast
Monitoring & Automation
Automatic HTTPS / SSL
Shoutcast & Icecast
Stream Proxy (Port 80/443)
Powerful AutoDJ
Recurring Playlists
Jingle Playlists
Top of the hour Jingles
Scheduling Calendar
Exact On Time Scheduling
Playlists will interrupt existing content to play on time
Track Repeat Protection
Artist Repeat Protection
Album Repeat Protection
Stream Recording
Country Geo Locking

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