Shoutcast Control Panel

Our Shoutcast Control Panel supports Shoutcast 198 and Shoutcast 2 with a huge range of features.

SHOUTcast Streaming Server Features:

  • Supports MP3 and aacPlus streaming
  • Allows for NSV (Nullsoft Video) streaming
  • Can be played on Windows, Mac and Linux through programs like
    WinAmp, Quicktime, iTunes, XMMS, Real Player, Windows Media Player.
  • Lists your station automatically on’s Station Listings
  • Easy to Setup
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SHOUTcast Features

The MediaCP provides an interface to automatically create and manage Shoutcast V1 and V2 servers.

  • One-Login Customer Accounts
  • AutoDJ Support + FTP Integration
  • Comprehensive Stream Limitations (Bitrate, Connections etc)
  • MSN Messenger Service Control
  • SMS Service Control & Alerts
  • Unlimited Stations & Streams
  • Stream Authentication Support
  • Country Based Listener Access
  • Port 80 Proxy for firewalled listeners