Migrate from CentOS 7 End of Life

CentOS 7 is approaching end-of-life on June 30th 2024, after this date new installations on CentOS 7 will be blocked but will continue allowing upgrades.

With our latest release 2.14, official support for CentOS Stream 9 and AlmaLinux 9 is now available on all release branches. This is great timing for customers who need to move from CentOS 7, so we have provided a set of instructions here to assist you.

Do I need to take any actions?
Yes – You should upgrade your operating system before June 30 2024 or you may have difficulty in the future using CentOS 7 after EOL hits.

Can MediaCP Support do this for me?
Yes – We can complete a Migration Service to migrate your MediaCP to a new server running CentOS Stream 9 or AlmaLinux 9 (or another supported O/S).

Migrating to a Fresh Installation.

We recommend completing a fresh install of CentOS Stream 9 or AlmaLinux 9 on a different server and migrating over for the best stability and experience. Migrating will avoid issues that can arise when upgrading and will allow for a fallback if you encounter issues after the move. We have a comprehensive guide for migration available as well as offer Migration Services if you would like our team to complete this for you.

Can I Upgrade from CentOS 7?

CentOS 7 does not offically support “upgrading” despite some guides online existing, and we do not reccomend following these guides.

AlmaLinux does have the ELevate project which does allow for upgrades from CentOS 7. We do not recommend this approach as it is not always a smooth proccess and can be challenging to recover if something goes wrong. Migration is our recommended upgrade path, and is the safest option. If you do choose to use ELevate you should complete a full backup and store the backup at a different location to avoid data loss. Using ELevate may require the reinstallation of core components such as: nginx, php, liquidsoap and nginx-rtmp after upgrading. See our Reinstall Core Components KB article.

Can MediaCP Support Upgrade for me?
No – We will not upgrade your CentOS 7 installation for you, due to the risk of data failure and or data loss. We can complete a Migration Service to migrate your MediaCP for you instead.


If you have any questions, then please contact us.

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