Custom Development

Our development process

Each month we select a number of requested features from our Feature Request board to be included the next major feature release of the MediaCP. We select features based on popularity as well as considerations to the evolving audio and video streaming space.

There is a long list of feature requests and as such there is no time-frame provided for these items.

Fast-track your request

Our development team are able to work with your company directly to fast-track your request if we believe the request is in-line with our product values.

Change Type Cost
Minor Ammendment $150 USD
Small / Moderate Changes $350 USD
All other changes Contact Us

All fast-tracked requests include:

  • Installation of change into your MediaCP as soon as it is completed.
  • Priority troubleshooting of any issues relating to the change.

Terms & Conditions

All agreed upon development changes will be deployed directly to your MediaCP once the change is completed.

Minor and Small changes will be included in the next Current software release and larger changes will be published to the next Major version release.

Further changes to your request will incur additional costs.

Not all requests will be approved.

If your request is being implemented as part of an onboarding process as a new customer then the value of the change request is not refundable.

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