Enterprise Support Information

This document is created to identify the procedures and handling of urgent support incidents which will ensure an appropriate response from our customer support helpdesk.

As a customer with Enterprise Support, submitting high priority tickets will trigger an incident response and will count towards your monthly quota of incidents.

There are no limitations on when and how often you can submit a high priority incident, however should you exceed the included number of incidents on your account then you will be subsequently billed additionally for each incident.

What happens when I submit a high priority ticket during on-call hours?

After submitting a high priority ticket as a customer with Enterprise Support, a series of actions will be triggered including:

  • Your dedicated on-call support operator will receive an automated phone call notifying of the incident.
  • Your operator will urgently send you an email confirming they are reviewing the issue.
  • Should your operator not respond within 15 minutes, another automated phone call will notify another team member.
  • Your operator will immediately begin reviewing your issue and attempt a resolution where required. Should the operator be unable to resolve the issue within 30 minutes then they will request assistance from other members of our team.

What happens when I submit a high priority ticket outside of my on-call hours?

As your enterprise support includes the Extended Support by default, your request will be attended to through normal processes, and not generate an incident. As of this time, this includes:

  • Typical 30 minute response during business hours
  • 4-hour guaranteed response during AEST business hours
  • 8 hour guaranteed response outside of AEST business hours

See the Support Plans page for more information:

Support Plans – Media Control Panel

How to submit a high priority ticket/incident

It is important that you follow these steps when submitting a high priority ticket/incident to guarantee that it is handled appropriately by our support team.

  1. Login to our Portal Client Area at https://www.mediacp.net/portal/
  2. On the dashboard click on Open New Ticket
  3. Select MediaCP Support
  4. Select the Related Service and High Priority. It is really important that these values are selected, or it will not trigger our automated systems.
  5. Enter message as normal, please be descriptive and include screenshots and videos where possible.
  6. Finally, please include your server login instructions every time you submit the incident as it will save time in helping you. We highly recommend to test the server login details before submitting.