Introducing Cloud TV Station

We are happy to announce the launch of TV Channels in our serverless Cloud Video platform. Now is the time to update your business model and ditch your physical server or VPS. Our Cloud Video Platform means no more servers, licenses, software updates, server maintenance or security concerns.

TV Channels allow you to upload videos and broadcast to your website or social platforms as if it was a live stream. For many customers it means they can create a 24×7 linear live broadcast comprised of uploaded video content.


Live Dashboard

The TV Channel dashboard provides you a live overview of everything happening on your channel including:

  • Live Video Player
  • Now Playing Video File
  • Coming Up Video File
  • Upcoming Events
  • Social Publishing overview
  • Viewer information

Media Content Library

This is the central management interface for your uploaded video files.

  • Easy Drag & Drop file upload
  • Automatic Media Processing for optimal delivery
  • Tag & Organise Video Files

Advanced Scheduling

Create once-off or recurring events with our powerful Scheduling Calendar.

  • Schedule Recurring Events
  • Schedule Live Broadcasts
  • Loop Media or Play Only Once
  • Drag and Drop Rescheduling
  • Duplicate Event Playlists


Playlist Management

This is the central management interface for your uploaded video files featuring a Drag & Drop file upload, Automatic Media Processing for optimal delivery, and the ability to tag and organise your video files.

Broadcast Live Content

Broadcast live to your channel in a scheduled slot, or even at any time. The broadcast will automatically switch over to your live stream and return to playlist content after your live stream is finished.

Off-Air Fallback Video

Want to ensure your channel never has dead air? Configure a video to play when there is no scheduled content and no live broadcasts.

A fallback video creates a 24×7 linear live channel by playing on loop when there is no encoder connected.

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