Secure Panel and Streaming services

The Media Control Panel provides 100% support for SSL in the control panel and all streaming services including Shoutcast 198, Shoutcast 2.5, Shoutcast 2.6, Icecast 2, Icecast 2 KH, Wowza Streaming Engine and Flussonic Media Server.

Why Secure Streaming?

Your customers won’t be able to use your streaming services on their secure websites and instead they will simply choose another provider that does provide SSL support.

Modern web browsers block insecure streaming and other services from secured websites.

As of 1st February 2019, 58% of the top million websites in the world are loaded over HTTPS (reference).

Media Service SSL Support Information

Icecast 2.4 provides native support for SSL.

However, Icecast 2.4 does not support SSL and non-SSL on the same port. Many encoders do not provide SSL support and therefore the MediaCP will provide an alternate non-SSL port for encoders to connect. By default, if your service is on port 8000; the port 8000 will be SSL and another port 18000 will be created that is unsecured.

Icecast 2 KH does provide support for both SSL and non-SSL on the same port.


Icecast 2 KH provides native support for both SSL and non-SSL on the same port.

Shoutcast 2.6 provides SSL support for licensed customers only. In order to use SSL on your service, you must provide a Shoutcast license key from

If you do not wish to purchase a license then we recommend using an Icecast service instead.

Alternatively, the MediaCP does provide SSL support for Shoutcast 2.5 via an SSL Proxy. (read the Shoutcast 2.5 section below for more information)

Shoutcast 1.9.8 and 2.5 do not provide native SSL support.

The MediaCP does provide an SSL proxy for these services however it should be noted that the Port 80 / 443 proxy uses much more CPU on a PER LISTENER basis and it is recommended to use Icecast 2, Icecast 2 KH or Shoutcast 2.6 with native SSL support.

How to configure HTTPS / SSL

The MediaCP includes an Automatic HTTPS / SSL support using free Lets Encrypt certificates.

Automatic HTTPS / SSL requires that port 443 is available on your server and not in use by any other services.

Alternatively, you can configure a Custom SSL Certificate

Learn how to install SSL for the MediaCP Panel or Contact Us for assistance.

WSE provide a free near-instant SSL certificate called a Stream Lock Certificate with all licenses.

How to install Wowza Secure HTTPS StreamLock Certificate

The MediaCP provides automatic SSL support for Flussonic Media Server when using Lets Encrypt certificates.

Simply run the Automatic HTTPS / SSL configuration and Flussonic will be configured automatically as well.

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