[ACTION REQUIRED] Debian 9 End Of Life

Debian 9 is reaching End Of Life on June 30 and MediaCP is now discontinuing support for new installations effective immediately. MediaCP upgrades will still be available until June 30.

Urgent attention is required and you should upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10 before June 30 2022.

Do i need to take any actions?
Yes. You should upgrade your operating system to Debian 10 before June 30 2022 or you may have difficulty in doing so after this date. After June 30 2022 it will not be possible to upgrade MediaCP.

Can MediaCP Support do this for me?
No – We cannot perform operating system upgrades, however we can migrate your MediaCP to a new server with a newer version of Debian (or another supported O/S).

My server is Debian 10, do i need to upgrade?
Debian 10 will receive LTS upgrades until June 2024 however it is recommended to upgrade to Debian 11 for best compatibility.

How can i upgrade to Debian 10?:

There are Official comprehensive instructions on the Debian 10 (buster) release notes page and simpler instructions available from CyberCiti.

Before upgrading you should Backup MediaCP and store the backup on a different location.


If you have any questions then please contact us.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Lear

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