Flussonic is no longer supported on CentOS 7

The latest version of Flussonic Media Server is no longer supported on CentOS 7 and it is recommended for users to migrate to CentOS 8 or Debian at their earliest conveniance.

Flussonic does not provide support to customers using CentOS operating systems unless you have 10 or more software licenses. For this reason we recommend migrating to a Debian operating system instead.

What will happen if i do not migrate?

Most likely Flussonic will break and stop working upon the next update.

Can i upgrade from CentOS 7 to CentOS 8?

There is no migration path between CentOS 7 and 8, some websites do provide instructions on how to achieve this however it is not recommended since your system may end up with a lot of broken packages.

How to migrate to a new server with CentOS 8 or Debian?

It is possible to migrate your MediaCP and Flussonic installation to a new server running CentOS 8 or Debian.

We strongly recommend migrating to a Debian based server, since Flussonic does not recommend CentOS.

  1. Deploy a new server using CentOS 8, CentOS Stream or Debian
  2. Follow our migration guide to another server or request a migration service from our experienced team.

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