Google Chrome 80 blocks unsecured streams

Google chrome version 80 has been automatically deployed on February 18 and automatically blocks unsecured audio and video streaming.

By default, Google Chrome will attempt to auto-upgrade http:// links to https:// with no fallback to http://. This means that if your streaming does not support HTTPS then the stream will NOT work for your customers at all.

When will streams stop working?

Immediately. Google chrome 80 is automatically upgraded globally and will block secured streams.

What does this mean for customers?

Your customers need to upgrade to a secured streaming service immediately. Insecure streams will no longer work with Google Chrome.

If you are using Shoutcast 198 or Shoutcast 2.5 then you will likely need to configure HTTPS Proxy or change your audio streaming server to Shoutcast 2.6 (Premium) or Icecast 2.

How can i upgrade to HTTPS?

The MediaCP supports HTTPS streaming for ALL services, in one form or another.

We recommend using a Native HTTPS server such as Icecast 2 KH.

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