Moving to Debian 12

With our latest release 2.13.7 official support for Debian 12 has been added. For customers wanting to move to this version of Debian we have a set of instructions here to assist you.

Please note support for Debian 12 is currently only available on our latest release branch on version 2.13.7 Upgrading to Debian 12 if you are not running 2.13.7 will not work and will cause issues. Please ensure before moving to Debian 12 that you are running 2.13.7+.

Can MediaCP Support do this for me?
No – We cannot perform operating system upgrades, however we complete a Migration Service to migrate your MediaCP to a new server running Debian 12 (or another supported O/S).

Migrating to a Fresh Debian 12 install.

We recommend completing a fresh install of Debain 12 on a different server and migrating over for the best stability and experience moving to Debian 12. This will avoid potential issues that can arise due to upgrading Debian versions and will allow for a fallback if you encounter issues on the move to Debian 12. We have a comprehensive guide for migration available as well as offer Migration Services if you would like our team to complete this for you.

How can I upgrade to Debian 12?

If you would like to upgrade to Debian 12 there are Official comprehensive instructions on the Debian 11 (bookworm) release notes page and simpler instructions available from CyberCiti.

Before upgrading you should complete a full backup and store the backup at a different location to avoid data loss.


If you have any questions, then please contact us.

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